Sunday, 28 December 2014

Year Behind, Year Ahead

Despite the fact that this blog has been dormant for the last year, I'm still pretty ok with how the year has gone. To be honest it's been a bit of a wake up call. I came out of 2013 with my first bits of tournament experience under my belt and thinking that I was 'the big dog', and to be honest, in the first 8 months of this year I really felt I was progressing, and I was playing the best 40k I had ever played by the end of it, but in the grand scheme of things I was no where near winning anything and was very much a middle of the pack player. Finishing consistently top half, but now occasionally giving ETC players good practice, winning my first ever awards outside of sportsmanship (well, physically, I still count the doubles at the end of October 2013 as a tourney win, there's a rant back there somewhere), and striving forward in the scene.

Then 7th hit, I started to get more and more into PC gaming, 3rd year University hit, and I reverted back to complete scrub status.

So what am I looking to achieve in the next year. First and foremost I want a trophy. Not a certificate. I want a big ass cup on my mantlepiece, and a KR case with a label on it. I don't care if it's 20 man, my aim is to win it. I don't want to be in mid table obscurity anymore, and the step to that is to stop playing like I belong there. I'm giving myself until the GT finale to get my form from the end of 6th back, and then I intend to press on, getting any games I can and playing against ETC calibre players at every opportunity, as I also want to make a serious push on the England team for the 2016 season.

As for the blog, I have been wanting to rebrand for a while now. The original name came from my forum alias which is really both far less known than my real name on the tournament circuit and far worse as a name than my IGN on PC. I've also grown up a lot these days, and the players and forums I used to beg for advice from are now my equals all over the world and 9 year old Jimmy down the club. I may press on with this in the next few months, the site name is also likely to change so keep your eyes peeled for that but all the content should still be up there.

Anyway guys, thanks for sticking with me. I've got some exciting things that will be coming up at the end of next month, so prepare yourselves, the next year is going to be exciting....