Sunday, 24 November 2013

Epic Procrastination - Happy 2nd Birthday

2 Weeks ago this blog turned 2. Huzzah! 2 weeks ago it was also Blog Wars, which I didn't get an invite to again, which tells me something. This is still pokey little blog. But I don't mind that, less pressure. I'd hate to be stuck writing every day in fear of the demanding masses. Luckily, this seems extremely unlikely.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Intense Concentrations

Yes I am aware that terribly vague titles are indeed, well, terrible, and are something that I used to do back in the early days. But never-the-less, I can't think of a better name for this post.

Today has been really productive. I went and did some group work for University, then came back, played some Minecraft with my mates including standard Tom Leighton level dumbassery (letting the farm animals out, then egging the house for my mate being annoyed, allowing hordes of monsters to spawn on my island and solving the problem of Skeletons by diving into the deepest ocean I could find with all my stuff). Then I played a couple of games of 40k. To give some perspective here, these started in the middle of the afternoon and finished at 1:00am, and one isn't even finished.

Friday, 1 November 2013

200th Post - New Project

I am a horrendous hobby butterfly. Unless I am working on a project I'm not happy, and so the cycle repeats itself, but with a little bit of a twist this time. I had originally hoped that this post would be about my first tournament win, but despite winning all 3 games in a one day event, including a horrific match up on an open board against Dark Eldar, I came 2nd to the TO. But never mind, it's only toy soldiers.

I already have 2 competitive armies. My Space Wolves could do with some updating with Drop Pods and such but I have my Chaos Marines ready to rock simultaneously. The plan here is to do a themed army.