Sunday, 13 November 2011

Stuck in a Nutshell

Firstly, if you are here because you are under the impression that this is a blog where the main topic is computing wargames, then I suggest that you move along in order to avoid being exposed to my ramblings on completely unrelated topics for long periods of time. Although I am certain that when the mood finally takes hold I will have time to insert a post on this subject, these will be few and far betweeen, so I wouldn't hold your breath. No, this is a blog about miniature wargaming.

I mainly play Warhammer 40k, but I first got into this after 5 years of the Lord of the Rings SBG. Although I won't jump into this now, simply for the reason that this will bore most of you silly. Although I do believe that it is a good game, I still prefer Warhammer 40k. My first army for this was Eldar, these were then followed by Orks, and after acquiring my brothers Necrons from him after he lost interest I moved on to start an Imperial Guard army, picking up a large second hand Daemons army on the way.

While these 40k shenanigans were going on, I have proceded to also start Warhammer Fantasy, and have almost finished building my 2,000 point cavalry based Empire list.

I have recently been to my first tournament, and I am considering entering my Ghazghkull, which I am currently painting, into Golden Demon's Warhammer 40k, Monster category, which I presume he fits in, if not then the best single miniature category.

Additional information is that I am also Rampage on the Dakka Dakka forum, a forum that I immensely enjoy being a part of, and me and my wargaming community also run a miniature wargaming channel on YouTube known as UnOrthodoxMinis. This is still in its infancy however and we will be the first to acknowledge that our videos are currently not the greatest quality, but we are constantly looking for ways to improve them.

So that is pretty much me summed up in a nutshell. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for not smashing my blogging confidence into a million tiny pieces, although comments are definitely appreciated. That is me done for the day.

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