Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Space Wolves vs Chaos Marines Video Battle Report Part 1

On the left of this page you may see a little icon which links to a YouTube channel entitled, 'DarkListGaming'. This is a channel dedicated to Chaos Space Marines run by my friend John. The last time I played him was at the Steel City Wargaming tournament back in August, where I won to secure a top 5 finish.

However, with the new Chaos Marines Codex out, and with us both back in Sheffield temporarily over Easter, we decided to organise a rematch, and this time it wasn't interrupted by snow. The stakes were still high however, as the game would be forever immortalised on the internet - although these may have been a little higher for John as if he lost he would be forced to watch it during production.

The battle report itself is split into 4 parts, and as for some reason the videos don't show up on a search to embed them into the post, they'll have to go in one by one. The parts are: Deployment and Turn 1, Turn 2, Turn 3, and Endgame. Here is the first part. (I am running the Space Wolves with Imperial Guard allies).

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