Thursday, 25 July 2013

Toy Soldier 40k Tournament Report - Game 4

As I mentioned in the previous post, losing games bumping me down the tables would not make my games any easier. This was proved by my fourth round opponent, who is the Grey Knight player for the Welsh ETC team this year, and is currently ranked 35 in the country according to RankingsHQ. The mission was Big Guns Never Tire with Hammer and Anvil deployment. 5 objectives.
Big Guns Never Tire is normally a great mission for me, however the problem here is that my Land Raiders can't deny objectives, only contest, so I clearly have to have the objective to win the game. But onto my lists.
My opponent was really running an MSU Grey Knight list, with 9 Psycannons in it coupled with the psydreads meaning that my Land Raiders were susceptible to being glanced to death. In total he had 19 units. 8 of which scored and 5 of which denied. No pictures yet as I want to make sure that I'm not giving too much away before the ETC.

I got the first turn but gave it to my opponent for last minute jumping. In his first turn he shoots my Quad Gun, whilst in mine I jump a Razorback that he pushes forwards to slow down my Spawn, and shoot another with a Land Raider, whilst on the left my Axe Raider, Bloodthirster and another squad of Spawn are pushing up.

Essentially, I'm really going hell for leather now, he strips down the leftmost squad of Spawn to one guy with one wound so I use him to eat the otherwatch of a Purifier squad before my Axe Lord goes in, a squad of marines goes into a Strike Squad and the rightmost Spawn go into another, with the Bloodthirster hitting Coteaz's Purifiers and killing the Justicar. Essentially I'm in his lines and messing stuff up, he really has too much to deal with too late in the game when it finally pops out to win this.

Then something terrible happens. My Khorne Lord with Axe of Blind Fury rolls a 6 on his Daemon Weapon, so he gets 11 attacks against  the Justicar in the challenge. He hits with every single one of them and brutally murders a squad leader dedicated to the destruction of Chaos. As a reward, Khorne finds it amusing to turn him into a Spawn, so rather than messing up all of the scoring units on my left ready to take it, I am now shielding it in an attempt to prevent it from falling into enemy hands with 4 Chaos Space Marines and a Chaos Spawn. Uh oh.

Due to time, the game is guarenteed to end on turn 5. He holds his back objective and the one that I couldn't hold on the left. I hold 2 as well, with the Cultists holding one with the aid of a squad of Marines who came back to prevent them from being tanked shook from the board by a pair of sneaky Razorbacks, and another that the Bloodletters just need to jump over the wall and claim.

He's then holding a third objective in the centre of the board. He doesn't have any of the secondary objectives, whilst I have First Blood and Slay the Warlord, meaning that if I contest that objective I win the game. I have a Land Raider near the left objective that can turbo onto the objective, and I have another with a Khorne Lord in it. My opponent then makes a big mistake. He turbos the Razorback to block off the empty Land Raider. This leaves me free to drive the other one around a piece of terrain, dump out the Khorne Lord and win the game on secondaries 25-5 (8-6).

If he had turbo-ed in front of the occupied Raider (the Khorne Lord was standing on top to show so it wasn't like I was trying to trick him), it still wouldn't have been a cert, I could still have done it had I passed a Dangerous Terrain check with the Raider and got a respectable disembark/run move through cover, but it gave me the win really. Well played to my opponent though, and I go into the final game with 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses. There is hope for mid table yet!

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