Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Wargaming with Rampage Reborn

And here comes post number 3 or 4 of this blog’s relatively unpopular series, ‘I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long but I promise there will be loads of exciting and regular new content’. Here is a place that I was once very proud of, the traffic was good and it stimulated a lot for me in terms of how I thought about 40k as a game. Of course, my thinking has evolved since then, and although I stand by a lot of the points I made here, in a lot of cases I feel that the way I went about it could have been much better.

I started this blog at the age of 18, with the aim of documenting my journey into the competitive realm of Warhammer 40k in Britain. To be honest I have skipped huge parts of this. I documented my first couple of independent tournaments but never really continued. There were a couple of reasons for this which I may go into another time but none of them are really valid.

The end goal however was always to win the ETC, and in 2 months’ time I will be making my debut in Athens, without really documenting that journey.

I’m now an IT technician in a fancy school, specifically dealing with A/V and what have you, meaning I have access to all of the fancy software that comes with it. This means I am now capable of delivering the complete revamp that I have always wanted for Wargaming with Rampage. I will be keeping the URL, and all of the old content will be staying up, however otherwise I am hoping to completely overhaul this blog. The 22 year old ETC debutant and GT contender who runs this place is very different to the 18 year old Dakkanaut and Throne of Skulls shitter that created it, and I would like this blog to reflect that. Stay tuned.  

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