Sunday, 18 March 2012


Over the last few weeks I've got a few bits done. I've had a game against Zacharpaladins Tyranids. If fhe hadn't passed ALL of his saves on the first turn for both his Doom of Malan'tai and his warriors then the game might have been a different story but I ended up losing pretty badly, the plan was to march up behind the Monolith using the nightbringer as a screen to take on the Hive Tyrant when it got close while the monolith and the scarabs took out the gribleys, the barge and the destroyers coming to help out in killing the Hive Tyrant. The gribleys were not taken out  quickly enough and the C'Tan shard got mobbed, I couldn't deal with the Trygon fast enough either and that ate the Monolith, and the Doom floated down with the Genestealers infiltrating and eating my destroyers and scarabs. It ended 5-1 to him on kill points on turn 5 and I've learnt that, no matter how hard you are, don't deploy far up against tyranids. Unless you're Paladins, or maybe Ork Nobz (etc)....

Anyway, I've also got my Monolith painted and I've bought Imotekh. I've also managed to find some nice cabinets with a glass front for my best painted models. Speaking of which, I'm currently in the process of painting my Swooping Hawks (at least they look good). Finally, I'm changing around my Necron list, dropping the 2 Heavy Destroyers and trying 3 regular Destroyers to see how they do.

That's it. Update over. Useful stuff to follow.

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