Tuesday, 3 April 2012

2 Days - 2 Games

I've been very busy ready for this update, but unfortunately, this only started this weekend and so everything here is relating to Friday and Saturday, hence, late update. I had not done anything before this.

The first game that I played was a 1,000pt game against a Dark Angels player, who was honestly one of the nicest guys that I've ever had the privilege to play against. The game itself was on a 4x4 board and Kill Points with Pitched Battle deployment. I was taking my Daemons in an attempt to have some fun and get to grips with them a little more, and my list was as follows: (Sorry for the lack of pictures in this one).


Skulltaker and the Masque


10 Bloodletters

9 Bloodletters

9 Horrors with Bolt

Fast Attack:

5 Flesh Hounds and Karanak

Heavy Support:

Soul Grinder with Phlegm

Total: 992

My opponent had approximately:



Interrogator Chaplain in Terminator Armour




5 Terminators with 2 Lightning Claws and 3 Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields

5 Terminators with 4 Power Fists and Storm Bolters and 1 Power Sword and Storm Bolters

Heavy Support:

Predator with Hunter-Killer Missile, Autocannon and Heavy Bolter Sponsons.

The game started well, I won the roll off to see who goes first and gave him frist turn so that he effectively wastes a turn of shooting. I also got my preffered wave for the first time out of the 4 games that I have played with Daemons, which was nice, so in my turn I proceeded to deep strike the 2 bloodletter squads, one of which had Skulltaker in it, the Masque and the Soul Grinder. The Masque got dead on, ready to pull the Power Fist Terminator Squad out of the woods that they were hiding in, the Soul Grinder scattered back a couple of inches, but this wasn't an issue, Skulltakers squad also scattered, but they ended up behind the woods, giving them a nice cover save from any shooting that would come my way.

Then everything flipped, the larger bloodletter squad scattered atop the Soul Grinder and died in a deep strike mishap, and the Masque missed with all of her pavanes at the Terminators. In my opponents turn, said Terminators stormed out of the woods, Belial pulled out his Storm Bolter, and in an epic moment of awesomeness shot at the Masque twice, hit her twice, wounded her twice, and then she failed both of her 3++ saves and died. The Dreadnought stomped forwards and immobilised my Soul Grinder as well. At this point I'm in real trouble, and as none of my reserves come in either, something dramatic will have to happen.

The Soul Grinder fires at the Dreadnought and fails to damage it. Skulltaker's squad when charge at Belial and his squad, Skulltaker doesn't have much luck, only felling a single Terminator, but the Bloodletters go crazy, all but annihilating the squad leaving only Belial with a single wound remaining, Belial then kills a single Bloodletter but this doesn't stop his demise and he is taken down due to fearless wounds. 2-2. Entering turn 3, the Dark Angels unload with everything that they have at the Bloodletters, after the fire subsided, only Skulltaker and 3 Bloodletters remained.

Now some reserves arrive. The Horrors come in and attempt to land behind the Predator, looking for an easy kill point, but the scatter around the side, out of line of sight of the Terminator squad. The Bolt fires, hits the tank, penetrates it but only manages to rip the Autocannon off. Skulltaker splits from the squad in a heroic attempt to take down the dreadnought, but not before the Soul Grinder immobilises it. However, this doesn't help as he is wounded without dishing out any damage in return.

In my opponents turn 4, he moves away the Predator, leaving the path clear for the Terminators to munch on some Pink Horror goodness, their 4++ doesn't help them at all here and they are swiftly dealt with, leaving the Terminators to consolidate back towards the Bloodletters. Elsewhere, Skulltaker takes another wound from the Dreadnought resulting in his death and another point to the Dark Angels.

The Flesh Hounds finally arrive, about 4 inches in front of the Terminators, the Bloodletters then proceed to move up next to them, ready to counter charge if the Terminators get them. Risky as I realise that it could end with the Dark Angels picking up an easy point, but when you are down 2 points in a 1,000pt game, sometimes you need to take risks. The Terminators however don't go for this, shooting at the Hounds, of which I remove the front 2, denying the Dark Angels the charge.

In my turn 5, it is almost as though the Daemons knew what how bad the situation looked, as they go absolutely crazy. The Soul Grinder being the only exception to this, once again his weaponary bouncing off the back of the Dreadnought. The Flesh Hounds charge into the Predator, Karanak immobilises it, leaving it easy pickings for the remaining 3 Hounds, who tear it assunder. The 3 Bloodletters make a charge against the Terminators, and somehow manage to kill 2 Terminators with Storm Shields and 1 with Lightning Claws, as well as wounding the Chaplain, but only loses one of their number in return, taking a further Storm Shield Terminator down with Fearless wounds.

Unfortunatley, we were unable to see this epic combat reach its end as the game ended at the end of turn 5, with a 4-3 victory to the Dark Angels. This post is already pretty lengthy and so I'll post the second battle report tomorrow, which is a 1,500pt, 3 player game with each player going back to their roots and playing a list that goes against the grain of internet punditry.

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