Friday, 7 September 2012

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I know that I usually post a bit more frequently, but for the next week or so I'm probably going to be able to get 1 post a week down at best. This is because in about a weeks time I will be moving from Sheffield down to Oxford to study, and so am trying to get everything ready for that. This means that I either don't have the time to get any hobby in, or if I do, I don't have much time to write about them.

But onto the subject at hand. Tournament season is pretty much over for me now, if it wasn't for the 2-3 week long freshers 'week' that I have to attend at my University I might have been able to attend the Maelstrom team tournament (depending on whether we would have managed to pick up enough players to form a 5th Overlords team) but unfortunately it is that long, so I'm not going to be there. Best of luck to all of the Overlords / Overlords forumites that are attending though. Back on topic now, so, I'm probably not going to get many tournaments in between now and June, there might be the occasional club tournament that I attend but it looks like I'm going to struggle.

I think that this is actually a blessing in disguise though. As much as I enjoy competitive gameplay I feel that I've been neglecting a whole other side of the hobby. The last 4 months has been about, writing a tournament list, quickly painting everything up and then slapping it all down on the table. I haven't really engaged the rest of the hobby. So, during my time at University, I am going to be consentrating on delving into the back story of 40k, as well as enjoying more of the creative side of the hobby too. So, this means starting a new army (again).

So, what to pick. I thought that this one was quite easy for me. I wanted something that could contrast with my Space Wolves, as I plan on bringing them along with this new army to University. I wanted something with character, I wanted something with fantastic models and I wanted something with options.

This lead me down to an army that I have been looking at for a while in Chaos Space Marines. I have always enjoyed playing against Chaos, but I have found their Codex rather mundane in that there are really only a couple of ways in which you can use them, and their model range isn't the best, but I think that the last couple of months have changed my opinion of them in order to motivate me to get a small army. The first of which is the Dark Vengeance starter set. When I first saw it I thought that the models looked fantastic, and although I like the Dark Angels side, the Chaos side is superb. It's a relatively cost effective way to start a new Chaos army, and I am planning on selling the Dark Angels.

The second was 6th edition. I already have a Daemon army, and the ability to ally them with the Chaos Marines instead of having to take Lesser Daemons is a nice touch. Meaning that I can get playing with my Chaos right away, using the models that I have got from Dark Vengeance as an allied detachment (well, I could if the units had points costs in their entries).

The final straw was the ongoing rumour of the new Chaos Codex. I have been looking forward to this for a long time, even before I had plans to start Chaos, but I am hoping that with the new Codex will come with it a variety of new ways to build an army and a host of new models.

So, let's go deeper. Exactly what kind of a Chaos army am I going to play. First of all, I wanted something red. The reason for this is so I could contrast it with my Space Wolves, not only because I can show that 'this one is the evil army and this is the good army', but it also contrasts them in the ways in which you can enjoy 40k. Additionally, I didn't want to make a homemade force, I wanted to use one of the original legions so that people could see the army and instantly recognise it for what it was. That said, I wanted to use a legion that isn't very common, as I like inauthenticity. I also decided to go for a legion that was unidivided, allowing me to use forces from each of the different Chaos Gods without any issues, and was also known for using Cultists and summoning Daemons.

Word Bearers it is then.

Whilst this project is going on, I'll be posting news of its progress along with pictures of finished miniatures just to show how it's getting along. It should also work quite nicely in breaking up all of the unit analysises that I like to do. That said, I think that this post has gone on quite long enough.

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