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Throne of Skulls Stats and Ork Evolution

Ok, I said I was going to spend some time writing posts whilst I was on holiday. And I did, however, I'm not bringing one to you today for 2 reasons. The first is that it is not yet completed, it's pretty long but I'm still trying to say something sensible on Lone Wolves to close the post out. It's on the topic of whether Wolf Scouts are still worth taking. Secondly, I cannot get said article off my Ipad as I need a Wi-Fi connection to e-mail it to myself so that I can copy it across here, or just post it directly. I come to you today and most of the time from an area with a wired connection.

Before I get on and talk a bit about how 6th edition has effected my Orks, I'm just going to say a few things. Firstly, I'd like to thank GoatMajor for the game whilst the Throne of Skulls youngbloods was going on, it was very enjoyable and certainly beat sitting in the bar for the duration of the entire tournament. You can find his blog at Simon's painting blog and stuff on the right of this post, it's definately worth checking out (as are all of the Underlings blogs). I was lucky enough to see his Necron army first hand and it looked fantastic, made my half painted Eldar army (often painted in different colour schemes as I changed my mind with colour choices) look like I had kicked a shelf full of paint pots with their lids loosely on onto my army, and has encouraged me to start painting my Eldar again, this time I've gone for a Biel-Tan colour scheme, let's hope I stick with it. So yeah, thanks for the game and thanks for encouraging me to paint my Eldar, it was much needed. A thanks also goes out to my first round of Throne of Skulls, who also came out for a game, it was nice to see a Sisters of Battle army on the table.

Speaking of which actually, I'll quickly run through which armies were the most common at the July Throne of Skulls in case anyone wants to tactically choose which army to take.

The most common were Space Marines.

Followed by Necrons, then Grey Knights and then Imperial Guard.
After those came Chaos Space Marines with Space Wolves and Dark Eldar coming afterwards with the same number of players.

Then Orks, and similarly Blood Angels and Eldar were drawn on player numbers behind them (Orks won both the Throne of Skulls and the Youngbloods).

Dark Angels came next, with Tyranids and Tau drawing on player numbers behind them.

Following were Chaos Daemons and Sisters of Battle with 2 players each and then Black Templars who were represented by a single player.

Right, now, the changes to the Ork army that I use. There's not really much to say about it, but I'll just quickly run through it again before I get started. Essentially, it's Ghazzy and a Warboss to make 2, 10 Ork Nobz squads in Trukks Troops, I then use the freed up Elites slots to get 2 squads of 12 Lootas, and then take a squad of 30 Ork Boyz with Shootas, 3 Big Shootas and a Nob with a Power Klaw for some over the top deckchair goodness.

I'm just going to run through some of the improvements that I think that my army got in the rulebook transition.

Looking at my Boyz for just a start, they were a unit that you wouldn't really be able to shift via shooting (30 T4 fearless models going to ground are not easy to shift, especially when there are 2 squads of Nobz down your throat), and also something that you wouldn't want to get into combat with, lots of attacks, Power Klaw, that sort of stuff. Now it's a unit that you really don't want to get into combat with unless you're some sort of combat machine, or a Soul Grinder. The first reason of that is overwatch. At the end of the day, Orks are only really suffering a -1 to their BS when snap firing so how often we hit is only halved. But with this unit you are unleashing 53 S4 shots on overwatch and 9 S5 shots, so on average you're going to be hitting with 8.83 S4 shots and 1.5 S5 shots before combat even starts, not bad. Then you have the end of Fearless wounds, which is really helpful as essentially I would lose as many boyz as I lost the combat by before. Additionally, if the enemy unit doesn't manage to get the charge off on me, I can just let rip at normal ballistic skill after the unit has already been overwatched from the charge attempt and charge them myself. Admittedly the Power Klaw can now be challenged but overall I think that the improvements outweigh the downgrades. Remember that the Power Klaw can challenge too if you really need to.

Lootas, as a shooty unit, have also benefitted from Overwatch. However, I would also say that the inculsion of Hull Points has been another plus factor for them, as they are now feasibly able to destroy vehicles with an armour value of 13, with that many potential shots you are likely to do some damage. For example, lets say that you have 2 squads of 12 Lootas firing, on average they will get a total of 48 shots, so 16 hits, so on average you are going to be getting 2.5 glancing hits on a 13 armour vehicle, that's not bad. Basically, the range of targets that they can hurt has increased, and they're getting S7 snap shots when they are charged.

I think that one of the main drawbacks to the army now comes with the Nobz. Despite the fact that they can still pull wound allocation shenanigans and can do it more cheaply as you don't have to customise all of the Nobz. However, the problem comes with transportation.

Trukks are fragile, they are even more fragile with 6th edition. That was fine in 5th, as all you had to do was keep the Trukks alive long enough so that when they inevitably die they would do so in front of your opponents army and Nobz would run out of the wreckage and create havoc. Now, you need to keep the Trukks alive long enough to allow the Nobz to disembark. True, it is still an assault vehicle, but you still need to get it close to the enemy lines without dying. Additionally, if a Trukk blew up in your lines, it would be unhelpful, but a turn or so of walking and Ghazzy's Waaagh! would soon rectify that. Now, with the changes to fleet, that's not as effective as it once was. This is where I think I will change the list.

With my Space Wolves taking up the points level of about 1,500 - 1,750, my Orks have seen little to no action over the last few months, the changes to the list should rectify this, and so I'm planning to increase my Orks to fit the points bracket of 2,000+pts. Swapping the Trukks out for Battlewagons seems the best plan here, as although they lose some speed they remain open topped, are much more durable and can still do things after delivering their contents. I'm then just going to be filling up the additional points with Lootas.

So, those are my plans for my Orks, however when these plans will be implemented is anyone's guess, as next year I'll have University and everything that comes with it to pay for, but we'll see how that goes and how much money I can save on things like bus fares each week by walking everywhere.

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