Thursday, 11 April 2013

Orkrons Development

We will drive the machine of war with the sword and the spear and the Iron Fist of the Orc”


In a few weeks time I will be attending another tournament, and yet this time I am hit with a slightly different dilemma. What to take? I could take my Space Wolves, but they've moved up to occupy the 1,750pts+ spot (this event is 1,650). I could take my Chaos Marines, but they suffer from a similar problem, and I'll have to scavenge a load of models plus I've not actually used the list before, could be a laugh though. Instead I've decided that I'm probably going to go old school with what I take.

Back in 5th edition, I was predominantly an Ork player, but have struggled to make them work since the release of 6th, and so have been using my Wolves a lot more. This was because my Ork list consisted of 3 Trukks, full of Nobz ploughing forwards and krumpin' stuff. Around the same time, my brother was also playing 40k. He was a reasonably strong player amongst our player group but after a while became disillusioned with the hobby and so dropped out, selling me his Necron army.

Around the drop of the 5th edition Necron Codex, I decided to update the Necrons, picking up a Command Barge and Imotekh, with me finally completing this process in January with a couple of Crypteks.

So, as a tribute to 5th edition, and as a bit of a laugh as it's not a big event, I'm going to be taking Orks with Necron allies. Behold the stupidity!


Big Mek (Warlord): 95pts
-Shokk Attack Gun

Warboss: 120pts
-Cybork Body
-Attack Squig
-Power Klaw


6 Lootas: 90pts

6 Lootas: 90pts


10 Gretchin: 45pts
-Runtherd with Grot Prod

30 Shoota Boyz: 215pts
-3 Big Shootas
-Nob with Big Choppa and Bosspole

12 Slugga Boyz: 137pts
-Nob with Big Choppa and Bosspole
-Trukk with Reinforced Ram and Red Paint Job

7 Nobz: 330pts
-Cybork Bodies
-Waaagh! Banner
-2 Power Klaws
-3 Big Choppas
-Trukk with Reinforced Ram and Red Paint Job

Allied HQ:

Imotekh the Stormlord: 295pts
-Harbinger of Despair with Nightmare Shroud and Veil of Darkness

Allied Troops:

10 Necron Warriors: 130pts


Aegis Defence Line: 100pts
-Quad Gun

Total: 1,647pts

Ok, starting from the top. Firstly, the Shokk Attack Gun. It was the first Ork model that I owned and I personally find it hilarious, especially when you have a chance of blowing your Warlord up every turn. Definitely not strategically sound but a good laugh none the less.

The Warboss is in there to allow me to take my trademark Nobz squad as Troops. One of my Ork lists without at least 1 Nobz squad in the Troops section is not one of my Ork lists. They fly forward and start bashin' 'eadz.

The 2 Loota squads are there just to provide a little bit more Dakka. There aren't too many flyers around Oxford but just in case I have so many S7 shots that I'm ready for them. I plan to stick these guys behind the Aegis Line for the mostpart.

The Grots also go behind the Aegis line, whilst one of them wields the Quad Gun, taking advantage of their BS3. What's also quite useful about these guys is that the Aegis Defence Line actually blocks line of sight to the Grots in places, good luck shooting them off objectives (although Heldrakes may pose a problem).
Designed for Gretchin

If you're not shooting them off objectives then you're certainly not charging them either. The 30 Ork Boyz squad provides an excellent screen when I need it, and when I don't it gets propa Orky and moves forward with the rest of the Ladz.

The Trukker boyz are like a mini version of the Nobz squad, just there to pick off smaller squads or bail out the Nobz if they get tied down. I haven't actually used a squad like this in years but I have the models so I figured I might as well break them out again.

Finally the Necron allies. I'm taking Imotekh to provide some cover for my Trukks, they're not the best built of things however if they can get up close they hit well. I can rely on his Night Fight for the first couple of turns even without the Chronometron (which I would have taken but I can't break 2 members of the Royal Court into the same squad). Instead I took the Veiltek, who will be used to make my Troops selection useful, Deep Striking them across the board to pick up the Relic or take useful secondary points like Linebreaker.

And that's it for the list. I'm only taking it with the expectation of having a laugh, I'm not expecting to win the event. However the more I think about it, the more I like it. We'll see how it goes though, I still haven't practised with the thing so it will be a learning experience too. Now that spell check took a while.

PS: Greg got battered.


  1. I'd take a Warboss in Mega Armour with Cybork Body instead, and if possible replace the Nobz with Mega Nobz.

    Standard Nobz are ridiculously overpriced, you only need to buy a power klaw and they already cost just as much as a Mega Nob and more than a Terminator.

    1. I would agree with that. To be honest it's a model problem, and I'm not willing to invest in more Orks at the minute.

      I would disagree with Nobz being ridiculously overpriced however. Granted, they're not as good value for points as Meganobz. However, they're not bulky so I can take more of them with their transport, and if I do want a larger squad I don't have to invest in a Battlewagon. So I get a few more attacks and I'm able to chase down units, meaning that they're more effective when it comes to dealing with horde units.

      However, as I say I agree with you, Nobz have a couple of things going for them but the Meganobz have much more. If I had the models I'd take them.