Thursday, 22 August 2013

Invasion II Game 3 - Tournament Report

Going into the final game we are now on the top table, and our severe lack anti vehicular weaponry has come to sting us in the table once again, this time in the form of a dual Eldar list. It was a strong list, but not broken. The had a Spiritseer in a squad of 5 Wraithguard with D-Scythes in a Wave Serpent. They had 2 squads of Bikes, Baharroth, 10 Howling Banshees which he tanked for, a Night Spinner, Fire Prism, and that was about it.

The mission was Kill Points with Vanguard Strike. We deployed with the Guard Blob as centrally as we could (aka, as far to the right whilst spreading out) making it harder to hide the bikes, everything else pretty much hid. 

We then seized the initiative and with it smashed a squad of bikers from the table with the Guard Blob. The enemy then retaliated after my partner made a mistake forgetting about a window on the front of a ruin he was bunched up in, the Wraithguard jumped out and barbecued his Sorcerer, Lord and squad grabbing 4pts off the bat severely putting us on the back foot again. With the Guard Blob atoning a little by wiping out the Banshees after Baharroth jumped into the Wraithguard. 

This was followed by the Guard blob with the help of a second squad of Marines eliminating the second biker squad. This was swiftly met by the Wraithguard ripping apart the Marines, all the while the Guard blob took heavy casualties. The Rhino was then shot up the bum to take the score to 6-4 to them. Essentially the game came down to the the Wraithguard versus the Guard blob. 

With the Wraithguard lacking the attacks to finish off the Guardsmen, and them also being T6, it came down to a challenge, the Rune Priest going after Baharroth, due to his 2+ save he was able to weather the plethora of Baharroth blows, and with the help of Prescience managed to knock his way through the invulnerable saves with his axe to bring him down in the last player turn, completing the game as a 6-6 draw.

So we finished the tournament on 2 wins and a draw. This was something that I was pleased with given our lists. But in addition we also came away with an award, my first tournament accolade.

Most Sporting Player Award

Despite not losing a game all weekend, we came away with the best sportsman award (me on the left of the picture). So overall, pretty pleased, especially considering that I was a ringer again. We're sure entirely where we came in the end, due to a mathematical error we were the only team not placed, which cost the Oxford store the title. However, it was a computer error and I had a great time so it didn't really matter, and even for other competitive players, I'd definitely recommend these events just for a fun time.

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