Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Invasion II Game 1 - Tournament Report

Wow I have a lot of posts on the go. None of them are finished but there are a lot half complete. Although the amount of content coming out of here is currently a bit minimal, it should pick up hopefully towards the end of the month.

Anyway, yesterday was the day of the Invasion Doubles tournament for the Oxfordshire and Wiltshire stores, with 6 stores coming up to Warhammer World to compete. All in all 68 teams. As I've been living in Sheffield for the past couple of months I've been unable to acquire a ticket, but I went down to Warhammer World anyway to see everyone. As it happened, Oxford were one player short, and one of their guys was left without a player. Using my special ringer powers, I thus partnered him. Let the tournament commence!

I had thrown something together really quickly beforehand. I was taking in my 600pt contingent Wolves, with Guard allies. Rune Priest with Runic Armour, 2 minimal packs of Grey Hunters, Primaris Psyker, Guard Blob. My partnered had a fluffier Word Bearers army. A Lord with a Jump pack and dual Lightning Claws, a Sorcerer, 2 squads of 10 marines both of which were pretty kitted out and a Rhino. As a result of this, we had very little tank killing, and there were lots of vehicles about.

Therefore, it was a positive coincidence regarding our first match up. We were playing against an Ork and Dark Angel army. The mission was Scouring, Hammer and Anvil, and they had an Interrogator, 2 5 man squads of marines with special weapons, 2 Land Speeders, a squad of Devastators with Missile Launchers. a Wierdboy, 7 Lootas and 40 Boyz.

We won the roll off for first turn and gave it to them (wary that they had some fast scoring), them setting up a firebase on top of an objective in a ruin. The Land Speeders and Deffkoptas set up on their right on the opposite side behind some terrain and the boyz as far forward as they would go.

Psychic powers and Warlord Traits were very beneficial to us. I got Feel No Pain within 3" of an objective, plus Forewarning, with my ally acquiring Enfeeble on his Lord. We set up the Rhino slightly behind a Ruin but within reach of the Deffkoptas and Speeders. This was because we were aware that we only had an hour and a half to play the game, so we needed to eliminate their scoring as quickly as we could. It wouldn't matter if we lost First Blood so long as we baited out their Fast Attack as we'd get 2 points from them. The Guard Blob set up centrally and to the left, with a squad of Grey Hunters just in front to provide a cover save from the Lootas.

As for the objectives. The one dead in the centre was a 4pt objective, they had a 1pt and a 2pt in theirs and we had 2 3pt objective and a 2pt one due to them trying to stack our side of the board as that's were their scoring would be going.

They took the bait, and Scouted up with the Land Speeders and Deffkoptas, smashing the Rhino apart for First Blood. This was follows by an Enfeeble being cast on the Deffkoptas to allow the Guard blob to smash them apart with relative ease whilst a squad of Chaos Marines with the Lord in it charged the Land Speeders, wrecking them with Krak Grenades but not exploding them, meaning that they were now getting a very useful cover save. The opposing team also took more bait and shot the Grey Hunters with Lootas and Boyz, killing 2 of them who stayed stalwart and moved more central as I could now cast Forewarning.

A few Guardsmen were killed in the second turn but not many, the Boyz hurtled forwards, prompting a turn of shooting with Prescience from the Guard Blob, and despite scoring 49 hits, only 6 Boyz were killed in the fusillade. Luckily this was just enough to make my opponent think twice about the charge due to the long distance necessary. The Chaos Marines behind the Land Speeder took a beating, but due to a number of successful cover saves on behalf of my colleague stayed a threat, before the second mob of Ork Boyz was Enfeebled and charged by the Marines, who now wounded on 3s and were wounded on 6s. Whilst the Lord split off and challenged the Interrogator Chaplain in a Marine Squad, killing him in 2 rounds of combat.

The next turn was the last, the Grey Hunters came on ready to pounce on the 2pt objective freeing up the Guardsmen to shift up for the 4pt one in the next turn. The Guard blob hit form again and mercilessly cut down the remainder of the boyz squad and the Wierdboy, whilst the Lord killed 2 more Marines, who passed their leadership denying him the consolidation for Linebreaker. But equally the Chaos Marines held against the Orks and denied them the 4pt objective.

As it happens the game ended on turn 3 due to time, however had it gone on our lead would probably have extended as the Guard blob started to advance. The final score was 11-3 to us and put us on table 2 for the next game.

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