Thursday, 1 December 2011

Necron List Development - Part 1

For the last few days I have really just been trying to create a competitive Necron list that fits my play style, and I won't lie, I am struggling.

I am definitely an aggressive player, I like to smash as much of my army forward as possible, leaving behind only units with heavy weapons and the occasional deckchair, and so I'm not a fan of the 'ant farm' build. I don't really want to spend a turn sitting on my backline spawning scarabs before bombing forward, I want to get right up in my opponents grill as soon as possible, so I set about looking for fast armies.

I had the idea of using Veil of Darkness Crypteks along with Night Scythes, Solar Pulse Crypteks, Destroyers and Imotekh to create a fast moving army which uses Night Fighting to help to keep it alive. As Necrons are rather expensive points wise, I don't want to be using any. If you like the sound of this idea feel free to use it, as I am looking for a list that is around the 1,500pt mark, as my Orks and Daemons generally cover the large points levels (mainly Orks), and this definitely does not meet that as in order to get this list I will need: Imotekh, an Overlord, 2 Catacomb Command Barges, 3 Night Scythes, 3 Squads of 5 Immortals, 4 Crypteks, 2 squads of 20 Necron Warriors, 4 Destroyers and 4 Heavy Destroyers. I find it unlikely that this would fit into that points bracket.

The plan would have been to have Imotekh scooting around in his pimpmobarge causing Night Fighting and Lightninging stuff, the Overlord is only really there to get the second Solar Pulse and the second Veil of Darkness in there, again, on his barge), there would be 3 squads of Immortals scooting around ready to pounce on objectives at the end of the game (I see there is a case for replacing them with warriors) 2 of which would have Solar Pulse Crypteks in, ready to use Solar Pulse when Imotekhs night wears off. The 2 squads of warriors would have the Veil Crypteks in, and would be using their Deep Strike moves to deep strike near vulnerable enemy units, the Cryptek would use Nightmare shroud to try and make them run, if they don't blast them with Gauss forcing them to take another Morale check and hopefully making them run. The Destroyers would then be going around providing some supporting fire and popping transports.

The main problem that I can see for this list is Dark Eldar. The existance of night fighting means that the night just impedes me, and the presence of fast close combat units 'cough' Wyches 'cough' 'cough' will just be brutal if they survive the barrage of my Necron warriors.

That's just about me done for now. Any good list ideas would be much appreciated.

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