Friday, 30 December 2011

Last Update of the Year

 Ok so I'm back, and I'd like to kick off proceedings by wishing you all a very happy new year! I am not going to wish you a happy Christmas as the moment has passed somewhat, so in order to make sure I do not miss this opportunity I am wishing you a happy new year, now. There we have it, festivities over.

But anyway, while I type this I am also attempting to hold half of the shooty arm off a Stompa. 3 days after recieveing this gift and I am only half way through its construction. Marvellous. This could be down to the fact that I had to pop to one of my local stores in order to find some more plastic glue this morning, it could also be due to the fact that I have been semi-busy (semi because half of the things that I am busy doing are not helpful to my life, I merely enjoy doing them, but I shall elaborate in a second), or it could be due to the fact that I am a little bit lazy. I shall leave you to hazard a guess about which of the above is probably the main reason for the half built Stompa, although all of the above are true.

Anyway, the Stompa is for a 3 game Apocalypse battle that me and some of the UnOrthodoxMinis crew are organising between us, and in all similar events, I have had to take the majority of my armies in a giant tub. However, a second gift that I was lucky enough to receive may just tip the balance towards safe carrage as opposed to the variety that always means that I have to set aside a couple of hours after the game to repair my footdar, as they have not really warranted a case. What I received was a KR multicase double Aluminium case, with to sets of Ork foam.

This is specifically for my Ork army, and this allows me to move them from my double GW case into this one. The GW case in question is like the brown Warhammer 40k case that they did this year, but it's green, as this case was from a few years before.

But back to the point, thus far I am very impressed with the new case, as I have been able to fit my whole Ork army in there, with one of the Trukk slots being used for dice, templates, etc, which is also very useful. I also have 2 layers of foam left in which to fit Ghazghkull and the remaining Warboss, ample room for them I think. Anyway, this means that I have now my KR case, the big Green case, and 2 of the smaller GW cases (one was my brothers before he quite 40k) as well as the affore mentioned tub, ready to take my armies to the designated gaming location, although I do have about 4 additional tubs if they are required.

To round off, I have finished reading Path of the Seer, which I thoroughly enjoyed. If I have not already mentioned it, I have also finished the founding, which was also very good. I am now currently reading 2 books however, the first being The Chapter's Due. This may sound surprising as I have a dislike for the Ultramarines, but I am enjoying reading this book, and am currently about a third of the way through it. The second book that I am reading is the Horus Heresy novel, The Outcast Dead, which I am also really enjoying reading, and once I have finished these have got Deliverence Lost (ebook) and Hunt for Voldorius to look forward to as well.

Finally, I have finished stripping the paint off my Wave Serpent, sprayed it, basecoated it, and painted the pintle mounted weapon section (or whatever it is) as well as attached the magnets to it. For my first attempt at magnetizing, I am relatively pleased with the result. I am now in the process of painting the green lightning effects across the hull, which is also my first attempt at freehand work, and I am pleased with this result so far as well. I shall post pictures of it when it is finished.

And that's it, hopefully I shall be posting more frequently in the new year. I am also looking to start posting some more things that might actually be useful, such as some tactical tricks and some painting/modelling articles as well, so this blog may actually become semi-useful.

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