Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Update - Short and not at all Time Consuming

Well this week has been mainly centred around gaming. The main reason for this being that a large number of our gaming group (me included) organised a triple table apocalypse bash. Each of us would bring 4,000pts from any codecies we liked, and with there being 8 of us, this meant a total of 32,000pts. Unsurprisingly, we didn't finish all of the games, but a good day was still had by all involved, even though it did go to pot a little. There were a couple of homemade special rules in place during the game including for determining the scoring. I won't go into these now bit will do on demand. Anyway, our team lost 7-3 and 4-2 on the first 2 boards, the former being the large board (which also had more points available), but we also won 12-0 on the third board (which I was playing on) to win the overall event 17-1.

Otherwise, I have been painting my Catacomb Command Barge. I have now got the base colour scheme down, leaving me to finish the details and paint the overlord, his command panel or whatever that thing in front of him is and the underslung Gauss Cannon. Pictures will be posted when it's finished.

And that's it. Feature post coming soon.

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