Sunday, 29 April 2012

Back with a Target - The Arena: Armageddon

Been very busy, and so have forgotten most of what happened in my most recent game. The main thing that I can remember is that sticking Eldrad and Imotekh the Stormlord in a squad of Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpent and then repeatedly using guide to allow Imotekh to re-roll his failed to hit rolls with his lightning is pretty cheesy, especially when playing Apocalypse (how this came about).

Other than this, I've managed to get my hands on a box of scouts, all I need now are some suitable arms and a melta gun for one of them, maybe some Cadian arms. Got a tiny amount of painting done on my Grey Hunters as well. But anyway, on to the arena.

Today I have rolled up a bit of a grudge match, Yarrick vs Ghazghkull. I would honestly think that that Ghaz should win this, but depending up how many wounds Yarrick can inflict before Ghaz can unleash his Waaagh! And how well he rolls to keep getting back up again, he could take it. So, straight into the action.

Both characters hit simultaneously.

I roll for Yarrick first, who rolls a 2, a 3 and a 4 to hit, only hitting once. He gets a 5 next, wounding Ghazghkull, who rolls a 4 for his save taking a wound.

Ghazghkull is rolled for next, getting 3 hits after rolling 22366. He gets 334 to wound, but is forced to re-roll by Yarrick, he then gets a 566, knocking Yarrick flat. Yarrick then rolls to see if he gets back up, getting a 3 and standing up, battered but alive.

Yarrick lunges with his power claw, getting 256, followed by a 1 and a 4 to wound, the wound is swiftly ignored however when Ghaz rolls a 6 for his save.

Ghaz then tries to hit back at Yarrick, and kill him properly this time. Hitting 3 times with a 12556 and wounding twice with 135, both of which make it through after the re-roll when he makes a 2 and a 3. Yarrick falls down again, but only rolls a 2 to get back up, meaning that Ghaz has subdued him

The victory goes to Ghazghkull who continues to the next round.

That's all for today, hopefully there should be at least 2 new posts after this one before the end of the day next Sunday (GMT). Yes, I'm setting myself targets now.

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