Sunday, 6 May 2012

Drop Pod Rage and the Arena

Well I haven't hit my target but at least I'm back to doing some posting. I'm trying to make a real push now to get my Space Wolves ready for Throne of Skulls. So far I have 2 squads of Grey Hunters (1 half painted 1 half assembled), 2 squads of wolf scouts (1 assembled but for the Melta Gunner and 1 still in the box) and a Dreadnought (half painted) with a Drop Pod (half assembled).

If anyone has ever glued something on to a model wrong you'll know part of the frustration that I'm having with this. The main problem was the section where the marines would be strapped in as they fall to the planet. I feel that the instructions weren't exactly clear on this but common sense should have told me that I'd glued these on the wrong way around, as I discovered when I tried to insert the frames of the pod. What's more, I only discovered this the morning after I had glued them. Therefore, I had to pull them off, and try to swap the cables going into the central panel around. I did this by cutting them off where they met the 'chair', and gluing them onto the other side, using Green Stuff to fill in the gaps due to the cutting technique of my rather crappy hardware store pliers.

I then had to clip off the bottoms of the 'chairs', and glue them down without them, as there was now all sorts of gunk in the slots. I'm now trying to put the framework on and insert the little turnbine / storm bolter thing in the middle. Such a task has thus far brought me very close to chucking the drop pod out of the window.

Anyway, I would love to spend all day talking about myself but unfortunately I've got to get down to doing other things, so here's another Arena for you.

Some of you may be familiar with a piece of background in the Space Wolves Codex which involves the ecclesiarchy going off to inspect the Space Wolves on Fenris, so the Space Wolves shoot their ships out of the sky. Today's arena is a similar encounter, with Uriah Jacobus taking on Ragnar Blackmane. Ragnar costs a lot more points than Uriah for a reason, but hey, at the end of the day anything could happen...

Ragnar rolls to hit Jacobus, scoring a 2, a pair of 4s and a pair of 5s, followed up by rolling 1356 to wound, Jacobus takes 345 for his saves and is reduced to 2 wounds. Jacobus' turn now, rolling 14556 to hit and 1236 to wound, Ragnar rolls a 3 for his save nullifying the hit.

Ragnar's turn again, 13455 to hit, 3356 to wound. Jacobus needs to make 3 saves to stay in the game, but only manages to make 2, with 1, 3, 4 and 5. Meaning that Ragnar is promptly through to the next round.

...or not, so Ragnar is through, leaving the field so far as Ragnar, the Swarmlord and Ghazghkull.

So, who do you predict to win?

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