Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Avatar Vs Skarbrand: The Arena

I know that I said I'd have a post on Marneus Calgar up on Wednesday, but from now on I'm going to stop foolishly posting when new posts will be up because I'll just keep missing them. But anyway, that's not up yet as I do not currently have access to a Space Marine codex an I want to do this properly. But anyway, just to keep the blog ticking over here is the latest arena.

We've got some Daemon on Daemon action today as the Avatar of Khaine is drawn against Skarbrand. Despite the fact that Skarbrand has a much larger points cost I wouldn't rule the Avatar out. I personally think that the Avatar is a bargain for his points and that the only reason that he is not commonly seen in tournament level is because he does not fit in well with the Mechdar build, although he is a very important component of footdar. So, on with the fight.

The Avatar strikes first due to his superior initiative, rolling 1124 to hit, despite his weapon skill of 10 only hitting once, but he does get to re-roll the fails due to Skarbrand's special rule. He does better here getting 456, hitting 4 times overall. Rolling to wound, he scores 2455, Skarbrand takes his saves but only rolls 126, reducing him to 2 wounds.

Skarbrand's turn now, he rolls 122345 followed by 2356 on the re-roll in scoring 4 hits overall, he then wounds with all of the hits with a score of 3566 and the Avatar only manages to save one with his invulnerable save after a roll of 2334 reducing him to a single wound.

The Avatar strikes back, getting 2445 to hit and then a 3 on the re-roll resulting in 3 hits, he then gets 136 to wound and Skarbrand only saves 1 with a 2 and a 6. Reducing him to 1 wound also.

Skarbrand then closes in for the kill, but only scores 3 hits after 133556 and 122 on the re-roll. He wounds the Avatar thrice after 246, meaning that the Avatar will have to pass 3 4+ saves on the bounce to stay in the Arena. The first save is rolled......1. Oh. Well to finish it off he then proceeded to roll another 1 and a 2 for his remaining saves, meaning that Skarbrand took him down pretty hard in that last round of combat. In short, Skarbrand is through and the Avatar of Khaine is out, and Skarbrand joins the list of beings who have gone out to beat up an Avatar justto prove how hard they are.

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