Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Rules Breakdown - New Flyers Part 2

Ok, so quickly moving on to the second rules review for the new flyers. Next up, the Dakkajet.

First thing of note with this thing is that it is an armour value 10 model (with an Orky BS). Except it isn't. It comes with a rule called strafing run, which effectively gives it +1 BS against a lot of unit types.

It comes with the Supersonic rule again, increasing its maximum move distance, not bad for objective contesting, and it also comes with a pretty nice special rule called Waaagh! Plane, which makes it even shootier during a Waaagh!. Pretty nice.

Anyway, quickly moving through the upgrades, it can take an additional Twin-Linked Supa Shoota (which you are going to do because it increases the shooting capability of a shooty vehicle by 50% for about 9% extra cost), and it can take a red-paint job, which allows you to move an additional 1 inch without penalties, for 5pts. However, the Dakkajet itself costs just over one-hundred points. Now, if it wasn't for the context of the Ork army I'd probably be having a go at this this thing. But because I would argue that when used properly this thing can be more survivable than a Stormtalon as standard, I quite like it. Here's how I see it used.

You take a Big Mek with a Kustom-Force Field, jam him in a Battlewagon with a Deffrolla on the front and some boyz inside to go with him, taking the mandatory Nob with a Power Klaw, and then move the Dakkajet up next to it each turn, as it can go at cruising speed and fire all of its weapons. I may try this out with 2 Dakkajets actually to see how it works, as they are now both a lot more survivable and churning out a pretty good amount of firepower for what you're paying each turn.

This gives you some decent objective contesting ability, some reliable firepower (as much as I love Lootas they can be a little random), and something that is going to shift attention away from the Battlewagons from things like lascannnons, as there is such a small chance of killing a Battlewagon on the front armour anyway without any Melta or Lances. The points cost isn't too bad either. Lets put it this way. It's cheaper than a Stormtalon...

Sorry this one has been a bit brief, but I don't really have much more to say on this one. Next time, the Burna-Bommer.

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