Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Paint and Announcements

Before I start this post I have an announcement to make. Over on the right you may see a header entitled 'The Underlings Blog List'. This is a list of the blogs of forumites over at the Overlords. As a part of this group of blogs, I can say that I have read all of them and would highly recommend any and all of them to you. They all produce great content and it is definitely worth your while checking them out.

Anyway, onto today's post from this blog. Over the last week or so I have come into a relative period of laziness, as I have nothing meaningful to do. Just a quick piece of advice before I continue with the post, if you are thinking of making a triple decker sandwich (by which I mean using 4 slices of bread), do not use the middle layer for nothing but mayonnaise. Yes, it might seem like a good idea at the time but that much mayo just subdues the rest of the sandwich, even if the other 2 layers comprise of turkey.

The only thing that I have been doing is painting. Unfortunately I don't appear to have done much, all I have painted so far is most of a Rune Priest, the armour of 4 Wolf Guard and 4 World Eaters Terminators (including 2 metal ones, retro). Anyway, I won't post pictures of the Rune Priests now, as I'll wait until he's finished. I plan to do some freehand work upon a banner I converted him to have, but it'll probably just look like I've been sick all over it. But hey, I won't improve unless I try.
So, instead, here are the pictures of the World Eaters.

It was a simple colour scheme, all I did was undercoat them with a dark red (can't remember its name), followed by a layer of red gore and a highlight of blood red. For the gold bits I just bsaecoated bestial brown and then coated entirely with dwarf bronze. I then washed the whole model with devlan mud (yes, my wargaming room did smell afterwards) and used PVA to attach grass to their bases, going around the rim with bestial brown.

I painted them for a friend so that he can use them in a small tournament that I'm organising for some of my friends up in South Yorkshire, I now have the task of finishing off 17 Chaos Marines with the same colour scheme followed by wrestling with 4 Imperial Guard vehicles and over 50 guardsmen for another friend, whilst on the side trying to finish my Space Wolves. I don't mind though, as I've said I have plenty of spare time.

On a side note, I've recently got into online play on Space Marine, something I am really enjoying, despite the limited number of people that are online at any one time. I wish that you levelled more infrequently though, as I have been playing for about 2 days and I'm already about 60% through the ranks. That is my only gripe however. I'm on the PS3, if anyone wants to play together as a part of a team or something I'm all for that, just get in contact with me in any way you can, including the comments system at the bottom of the pages.

Ok, that's just about me done. Thanks for reading, and don't forget to check out the underlings blogs.

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