Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Rules Breakdown - New Flyers Part 4

Ok, this will be the final post on breaking down the rules for the new flyers, and we finish with the Blitza-Bommer. I don't think that I have much to say here, so I'm going to jump straight into it and see how much content I can squeeze out of this thing.

Like the other Ork flyers, it comes with a standard Ork BS, as well as an all round armour value of 10 it's also not open-topped. Base, it costs the same as 9 Lootas, although you can take Red Paint Job on it for an additional 5pts.

In terms of wargear, in comparison to the Burna-Bommer you are losing Twin-Linked on the Big Shoota (although it still keeps the Grot Gunner) and you're swapping the 2 burna bombs for 2 boom bombs. Now, boom bombs come with a good statline, although they don't ignore cover, they effectively have the same statine as an Autocannon, but are blasty. Crucially, they also roll an extra D6 for armour penetration. Pretty nice.

The reason I think that this is an absolutely fantastic unit for standard, pickup game play, but not for tournaments, is that they also come with a rule called Skreamin' descent. This is a 2D6 roll which determines some side effects for the boom bomb. Lets just say that on a low roll bad stuff happens, on a medium roll normal stuff happens, and on a high roll extra good stuff happens

I think that this is great, I really enjoy random rolls, (hence why I have 2 Ork armies, a random one and a tournament one) but I think that in a tournament setting you need a degree of reliability from your army, and unfortunately this doesn't have that. However, I am probably going to be picking up a couple of these kits, and magnetising them to allow me to change them around and use all of the planes.

That's it for this segment. In my new-found, hopefully semi-reliable fashion, I should have the next post up in 2 days time. Bye until then.

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