Wednesday, 18 July 2012

1,000 views and Throne of Skulls targets

I hate Internet Explorer. So much. Firefox time. I say this because I tried to open a PDF file which crashed my internet and wiped my post. So, I'll re-start.

First of all, before I begin the main core of this post. I would just like to mention that in the last week this blog has hit over 1,000 views. I would firstly like to thank everyone that supports and reads this blog for the massive jump in views that this blog has seen over the last month or so.

I would like to thank the fellow forumites over at the Overlords, as without their support I doubt that this blog would have hit 1,000 views so quickly. Again, I would severely recommend having a look at their blogs as well, as can be found under the heading of 'Underlings Blog Network' or something to that effect, to the right of this post.

I would also like to thank everyone who reads this blog for making this possible (including you), as without you, 1,000 views could never be reached. So, thank you.

Right, nostalgic part over. On with the rest of the post, and on to 5,000 views.

Over the last couple of weeks I have realised something since starting my new army. I am an extremely mediocre Space Wolves player. The fact that I have been playing them for a little longer now has not changed my opinion of this. So, with Throne of Skulls a mere 3 days away, I'm going to quickly rattle off some objectives for the weekend whilst I have escaped the tender mercies of the painting table.

My first objective is to have fun. Even if I lose every single one of my games I won't mind so long as I had fun. My other objective which drove me to purchase a ticket is to learn. I am definately going to end up playing better players than myself at the tournament, and as I'm just starting to get into tournaments, this is the perfect opportunity to learn from some more competitive gamers and improve my play.

So, on to how I aim to perform at the tournament. Some of my friends have set me a target of finishing in the top 50.... in my first GT (even though GW likes to call it an event).... in which 132 people participate. A bit too optimistic I think. But anyway, I'm going to just give myself a little challenge to see if I can meet it, and my target for the weekend is 6 points. With a win being worth 3pts, and a draw being worth 1. You can then pick up points for favourite game votes along the way. You do get 1 point free though, as 0-1 favourite game votes is 1 point, which seems a bit odd.

So, that's my target. This will probably be the last post before I hit tournament season. I had a small tournament a week or so ago which I haven't got around to talking about yet (by small I mean 6 people small), I've then got another tournament coming up on the 11th August and 2 Apocalypse games are currently in the pipework. So, hopefully I'll get back again early next week. Thanks for reading.

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