Wednesday, 11 July 2012

6th Analysis: Universal Special Rules - Part 2

So I'm back again. Sorry for the week long hiatus, but anyway, hopefully I'll get this segment on universal special rules over with this week. I'm only going to go over them briefly, as I want to talk about a small tournament that I was participating in over the weekend, but that can wait until the next post. Sorry that I'm still unreliable. But anyway. Off we go.

Furious Charge:

This has taken a bit of a hit, as now you only get a strength bonus when you're charging and not an initiative bonus. This may be the main part of this rule, but this could annoy armies like Orks, who enjoyed the initiative bonus. Now, they are going to be hitting last to all but Necrons, robbing you of a few of your attacks before you get to swing. Every Slugga Boy lost before you can strike costs you 4 attacks and they aren't that hard to kill.

EDIT: Ok, maybe my example of Slugga boyz was a bit crappy due to their base low initiative, but either way I feel I am qualified to moan about this as my list includes between 20 and 30 Nobz (excluding Nob squad leaders, any excuse to complain).

Gets Hot:

Simply, now vehicles can be effected, losing Hull Points for 50% of every gets hot roll. I haven't seen much Plasma recently but I'm looking forward to seeing a squadron of Leman Russ executioners in action during this edition.

Preferred Enemy:

Instead of just re-rolling failed rolls to hit, now you re-roll failed rolls to hit and to wound of 1 in both shooting and assault. I quite like this change, and it gives preferred enemy a little bit more use as well.


Snipers can now fire precision shots, meaning that they can pick a model out of a unit on a roll of a 6.

Split Fire:

The Long Fangs claim to fame (other than their sheer undercosted-ness) is now in the rulebook, meaning that I forsee other units getting something similar to their 'fire control' in the future.

Ok, I think that that's it for this part of the sixth edition breakdown segment. Sorry this pair has been a bit crappy. Still, hopefully I'll have some decent points to make next time rather than just scratching the surface of what everything actually is.

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