Friday, 13 July 2012

Stop. Hobby time.

I'm going to take a break from the breakdown of 6th edition for today and move onto another aspect of the hobby. Having said that though, in the next batch of 6th edition breakdown segments I doubt I'll get into the meatier sections of the rules such as looking at all of the universal special rules or flyers as a whole (although the latter will probably be mentioned relating to my breakdown of June's flyer drop). I might take a quick glance at how the game has changed as a whole, but I think that I'm now going to stick to looking at individual changes in depth rather than skimming over whole loads of rules in a single go. But anyway, introduction and blog generic introduction over, on with the post.

I've definately noticed that when posting I tend to flood this page with paragraph after paragraph with a pretty distinct lack of pictures. Well, with only a week remaining until my first Throne of Skulls, my Space Wolves army is still not completely painted. I still have a Drop Pod, a Rune Priest, 1 Rhino, 1 Squad of Grey Hunters and 3 Long Fang Packs still to paint. 25 models in total. That said, I have made some decent progress over the last week or so. So here's a few pictures of what I've been up to.

My Rune Priest. This is going to be my Warlord for the duration of the event. The wierd thing next to him is his Chooser of the Slain marker. Which I made out of the Servo-Skulls found in the Devastator kit and filed around the edges of a 28mm base just so that it would be smaller than the Rune Priest himself.

My Wolf Guard. These guys rarely operate as a squad. I prefer to split them off into other units. The 3 Power Fist toting Wolf Guard are split among my 3 Grey Hunter Squads, and the 2 with Wolf Claws go into the Scout Squads.

Above are my 2 squads of Wolf Scouts. I took the Melta Bombs off these as I now can't charge off the Outflank but the Meltaguns still do the trick a lot of the time. Plus, they aren't very expensive as squads at all, so I don't mind too much if I lose them.

Finally, my Grey Hunter Squad, complete with Meltagun and Wolf Standard. I put them both on the same model just to change it up a bit for no reason in particular other than I thought it made him look pretty cool, and fluff wise there's no reason why he can't carry a Meltagun along with the Standard. Generally, this squad goes in the Rhino with my second Rune Priest.

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