Friday, 3 August 2012

Clearing the Backlog: Daemons Analysis Part 2

I was planning on doing a post on the Tyrannofex, explaining my long running confusion as why it is taken in Tyranid army lists. Just as I started writing said post, I then remembered how much I have to write about, considering that my largest number of posts in a month is 8, and that it is unlikely that I will meet this in the holiday month. So, I'm going to quickly skip through the backlog of posts, so that I can try to build a schedule of some sort. Even though I am terrible at keeping to schedules, I feel that this will help to give me some idea of what I'm going to be doing, and also give you an idea of what's in the pipeline as well. So.

Sunday 5th August: The Picture Drought Ends

Tuesday 7th August (again, hopefully): Daemons Analysis Part 3

Friday 10th August: King Eldrad and the Great Marine Marathon

Sunday 12th August: Steel City Showdown

Thursday 16th August (or around that date): Daemons Analysis Part 4

Sunday 19th August: Units -The Tyrannofex

EDIT: If you've read this post before and you think that this list has changed, it has (although I don't really think that anyone will have paid too much attention to this part so I doubt this is the case). This is simply because me and ZacharPaladin did not manage to finish our game yesterday and so it's difficult to do a post on it.

There we go, on with the rest of the post.

Exalted Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh:

Right, this one could be a little quick, but that could be down to the 1,700 word monstrosity that I churned out in the last post, as this unit is very similar. So, in comparing the exalted chariot to its less blessed brethren, it costs the same as 2 ¼ standard chariots. So, you'd expect it to be better than 2 chariots then.

Well, for a start, unlike the standard chariot, it does not come with fleet, something which I found odd as it is the only difference in the Exalted Alluress in the 2 chariots, not that it makes much difference, but it does make a difference in the chariot itself. Whether this will be Errata-ed I don't know, and if it is, which way it will swing. But, as it stands, it makes it slightly worse than a standard chariot.

What it does have over a standard chariot however is double the number of hull points. Which, when considering the Fleshshredder special rule, gives it double the hammer of wrath attacks. So, if you had a squadron of 3 Exalted Chariots, no standard chariots at all, you would on average kill 12 marines just on the I10 attacks.

Other than that, there are no changes. So, simply put, 1 Exalted Seeker Chariot is like 2 normal Seeker chariots, except it doesn't have fleet, and costs more than 2 Seeker Chariots. Great.

You could argue that with 3 of these you could make a unit that will hit pretty hard, and granted, it will hit hard. But then I'd argue that you are getting 4 Rhinos with a 5++ worth of durability for 270pts, and I could do a far better job of making a beatstick unit with Khorne anyway, even if it is slower.

So, in essence, I'd leave these guys at home, and take the regulars. It's only 120pts for 3 of those. Maybe, if you'd like to do a bit more damage, take one Exalted Chariot and 2 standard Chariots, but I know that I'll be taking 3 normal ones.

Just a quick side note, you can also take these things for Heralds of Slaanesh, which isn't too bad. Each chariot basically comes with a 10pt discount on its base cost from the heavy slot, as your replace the Alluress with the Herald.

And that's pretty much it for the Chariots, I did say it would be short, so sorry about that. Now, I've got 10 Bloodletters and a Keeper of Secrets to spray and a game this afternoon.

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