Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Picture Drought Ends

Hey, look at that, I actually hit a scheduled time. Now to sneak some pictures into this blog, but first off, I'm just going to quickly mention the progress that I have made with my Space Wolves. My Space Wolves are essentially my Tournament army now, although I do sometimes take my Orks, I will be taking my Wolves to the majority of competitive events that I attend. Using armies like my Eldar, Necrons or Daemons for the less competitive games, and sometimes the Orks again. The Orks are my middle ground. So, I've spent my time since Throne of Skulls considering how I could improve my Space Wolves list. This doesn't mean making it 'WAAC', what it means is, improving it competitively, but also making it more fun to play.

What I'm thinking of doing now is including a Guard contingent, as my small Guard force has been gathering dust for the last year, so I've broken them out of the cupboard, and am preparing to initiate them into the list by hurling them into a tournament at my local club on Saturday. I don't really want to give too much away, but I'm not taking any flyers or fortifications in the list. But anyway, as I didn't get a chance to post pictures of my units just after finishing them for Throne of Skulls, here are the ones I didn't show, and some objective markers (I also painted the word 'smoke' on 3 bike bases for smoke markers and painted numbers on 28mm bases ready for the scouring).

Here's my second Rune Priest. Sorry for the shadows and the darkness of the pictures. There'll be some more lightly tinted pictures in the Dakka gallery within an hour of me posting this, so if you're really that fussed about it just type Rampage's Space Wolves into the gallery and I'm sure they'll come up.

My 3rd Grey Hunter squad. I like to colour code them all by giving them different coloured shoulderpads so I know which models go in which squad. A little sad I know but I like to see the same models in each squad each game. Seems to give them a bit of identity rather than just slapping a bunch of models on the table.
These are my Long Fang packs. Not really sure what else to say about these really.

These are my objective markers. I'd completely forgotten to make the 6th objective marker for the Scouring until the evening of the night before, which is the buried Space Wolf in the top left.

That's all I've got for today really, at least I've finally got some colour into the blog, which was much needed after the monstrous post in the first part of the Daemons analysis. Hopefully I'll be able to hit the second schedule marker in a couple of days time.

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