Thursday, 4 October 2012

Battle Report Relapse

I've still not finished painting my Hellbrute, so unfortunately it seems as though I'm going to have to deep into the long forgotten realm of battle reportage just to get some content down. No pictures for this one I'm afraid, it's pouring with rain here in Oxford and I didn't want to get my camera wet on the way so I'm just going to force you through this enormous block of text. Here you go.

My opponent was an Imperial Guard player, he was running something along these lines.

Company Command squad, with 2 bodyguards.

Techpriest Enginseer with what I think was a Servitor.

6 Stormtroopers with a Plasma Gun.

1 squad of Veterans with 2 Flamers, Power Fist and Carapace armour.

1 squad of Veterans.

1 Platoon Command squad with Power Weapon.

3 Autocannon teams. 

4 Infantry squads (in 2 blobs of 2 squads).

Bane Wolf.

Leman Russ Exterminator with Pask.

Leman Russ Battle Tank.

Aegis Defence Line.

I was running the same list that I posted in the previous post, I.e. My Space Wolves with Imperial Guard allies.

So, the game began, my opponent won the roll off to decide who deployed where, but I won the roll off for priority and I chose to go first. We were playing the Scouring and Vanguard Strike. I deployed with my Long Fangs towards the front, there wasn't much cover and what there was I wanted to use for my Guardsmen to allow them to hold one of my objectives, and I was getting my 3+ save most of the time anyway and I wanted to be able to reach the back of the Guard deployment zone, plus, it's not like they were going to come to me.

My opponent used his blobs and company command squad to castle up around one objective that was out in the open, whilst he deployed another veteran squad in a Bastion next to another objective ready to jump out and claim the objective, with another veteran squad, the platoon command squad, the 2 Leman Russes, the Stormtroopers and the Techpriest all behind it, and the Bane Wolf to the side. Castling up in 2 seperate areas.

The game definately started to become difficult when we revealed how many victory points each objective was worth. The one that my opponent had placed his Aegis around turned out to be worth the maximum 4 points, with the 2 near his bastion being worth 3 each, leaving my objectives to be worth 2, 2 and 1. Great start.

The first turn started decently, I started edging my Grey Hunters forward to attract some fire as I needed to keep my Long Fangs alive to shoot my opponent off his objectives, and maybe I'd be able to get to my opponent's side of the board to start contesting objectives. My large Grey Hunter squad moving down the middle/right and the other 2 sneaking down the left, with the one with the Primaris psyker in it much further ahead than the other.

My Long Fangs managed to destroy the Bane Wolf, giving me First Blood and a further point for destroying a Fast Attack choice, with the remaining fire killing the squad of Autocannon teams, the Manticore scattering wildly off target from the blobs.

My opponent fired back with a huge number of Guardsmen, but they were only able to down the Terminator at the front of my large Grey Hunter block, with a lot of my Grey Hunters surviving a shot from the Leman Russ Battle Tank due to having a 4+ invulnerable save thanks to my Warlord's rolling on the Divination table. A few Grey Hunters on the left flank were also felled by Pask and his friends.

Simply put, a lot of the game was a shoot out. By the time we got to turn 5, my opponent had 8 sanctioned psykers, his Leman Russes, a regimental standard bearer, 2 squads of 3 Veterans, 3 standard Guardsmen left over from one of the blobs, half a Platoon command squad and his Techpriest left.

I had 2 halves of Grey Hunter squads my Rune Priests, Manticore, Veterans and 1 1/2 squads of Long Fangs left. It was one of those games were both me and my opponent were confident that we would win the game.

My opponent saw it as a matter of simply jumping on all of the objectives at the end of turn 5 and winning that way. We'd already worked out that I was probably going to achieve 8 victory points at the end of the game, 5 for my objectives and 3 for First Blood, Slay the Warlord and killing a Fast option, however, my opponent came close to knocking me off one of my 2 point objectives.

I saw though, that one of his veteran squads was just too far away for claim the objective in one turn (a lone Grey Hunter charging them and tying them up for 2 turns, even with a Power Fist in the squad), and if they moved any further forward my Long Fangs would open up on them and should kill them. Fortunately this was not necessary, as my opponent rolled a 2 at the end of turn 5 ending the game with an 8-7 victory to the Space Wolves.

It was a difficult game to be fair, my opponent played well although I'd probably have gone to ground behind the Aegis a couple of times a lot of the casualties were caused  by my Manticore's barrage weapons, which count as firing from the centre of the blast meaning that it wouldn't have helped much against that.

All in all, the most enjoyable moment of the game was probably when the Stormtrooper squad (which had been reduced to 4 men) fired on my Grey Hunters, killing 2. The Plasma gun exploded in it's wielder's face, killing him, forcing a morale check, which was failed, running away, they then failed to rally until they finally hit their home board edge. Still, a good enjoyable game. Close games are always my favourite.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with some proper content.

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