Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Invasion - Tournament Report

I want to apologise for the lack of chaos analysis posts recently. However I'll get right down to it and there should be a post late Wednesday night. Additionally, if you thought there was an additional paragraph above this about Flamers and Screamers, there was. However, now that the Chaos Daemons FAQ has been released in English it is incorrect so I've redacted it to avoid confusion.

However, on to the topic at hand.

This Monday I attended my first doubles tournament. This was an interesting experience for me, each half an army had to operate as though it was individual, and this included for the purposes of the for e organisation chart. So I took a Rune Priest, 2 large squads of Grey Hunters, and 2 packs of Long Fangs. I found a team mate a day before the event, who had a company command squad in a Chimera, 2 squads of Veterans and 2 Leman Russ Battle Tanks.

So it was to our horror, with no practice with each other whatsoever, that our first game was on table 5 against a Dark Eldar army with lots of Blasters and 3 Venoms coupled with a Necron army with a pair of annihilation barges, a flyer, Spyders, etc. The Scouring, Dawn of War.

Essentially, we knew that this was going to be a shoot out, whoever got first turn would knock out some opposing firepower and take the game. They got the first turns, killing the Chimera for first blood, the company commander for slay the warlord and crippled a Leman Russ, stopping it from shooting and leaving it with 1 hull point. The game ended 8-5 to them. A fantastic start.

Despite this, the tournament was still there thanks to a couple of things. Firstly, there were 4 winners, one from each store, and all but 2 of our teams lost. Secondly, the scoring increased in each round, with a win in round 1 being worth 5pts, round 2 10pts, and round 3 15pts.

So we move to the next table, and there we are greeted by a guard and grey knights alliance with 2 vendettas and a stormraven. Fluffy tournament my arse. Purge the Alien, Hammer and Anvil.

We got pretty lucky this game, with one long fang squad with a Rune Priest in it going crazy. A lone long fang, hitting, penetrating, and blowing up a vendetta on the second turn, with the priest throwing a grenade off a bastion hitting and glancing a stormraven removing its last hull point and killing it. Overall this was a resounding victory, with only an opposing vendetta left on the table. We didn't count up points but I think that it was 13-6 to us or something.

Going into the third game, there were 3 teams from our store neck and neck. The previous winners from the first round both lost, so it was between the second round winners. We were playing one of these teams. Emperor's Will, Vanguard Strike.

We were playing against a dual space marine army, and it was a fantastic game, with the stormtalon sneaking up behind one leman Russ and scouts behind another, both vehicles exploded killing far to many models. Essentially, we won this through slay the warlord and first blood, we were never going to get that objective. 5-3.

So, on battle points we were 26/30, unfortunately for us, the other Oxford team also won. So it came down to theme and painting to see who would win. Now as I was kicked from the other team because my Space Wolves didn't fit with the Night Lords as well as the renegade Guard did (understandable), you can guess who came second.

So, not a bad result overall, looking ahead to throne of skulls now, I have plans, and curtesy of a trip to warhammer world, I now have forge world upgrade kits. Well done to the winners from my store though.

I hope this comes out ok. Blogging on an iPad is weird.

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