Monday, 8 October 2012

Postponing Chaos

Just a quick post today. This being the first Codex that has dropped since this blog properly got going, Necrons doesn't count as I was still trying to get into the swing of regular posting. So, as I've seen, pretty much everywhere is doing some form of analysis of the Chaos Space Marines Codex, which is a good thing, different perspectives and opinions upon the same article and backing them up gets us to think a bit more and come to a conclusion ourselves rather than just hearing one opinion and going along with it. So, when I get to posting about the Chaos Space Marines Codex and the units within, I would fully recommend you to make sure to check out some other sources too, and not just take my word for it. I'm sure some of the other Underlings blogs (to the right of this post) will be offering their own opinions on the subject.

The reason that I say, 'I'm sure that' is quite simple. I have been taking a break from the 40k internet for the last couple of days since the Codex drop, as I don't want my opinion to just be derived from what somebody else thinks, or what the internet in general thinks. This is because it gets me thinking and allows me to learn the rules better and actually understand a lot of my reasoning for why a unit is good/bad, etc. I did the same thing in the flyer release before 6th edition, and as a result, I am very confident that I know the rules for the Stormtalon well enough to be able to run one without having to refer to the White Dwarf (even though I don't play Marines).

So, when am I going to start posting, and how is it going to work? Well, to the first question. I am heading into the city on Wednesday to pick up a copy of the Chaos Space Marines Codex, and a ticket to the January Throne of Skulls, after keeping my wallet restrained for the last couple of months. I also have the whole of Wednesday off, so all being well, I should have my first post on the subject up in the evening.

Now, as for the second part of that, I'll refer to units. I'm not going to go into synergy in the army initially, that might come towards the end of the month. What I am going to do, is go through each of the force org slots, and analyse which unit is optimal for each slot based purely on it's own merit and not to bringing too much synergy into it, although there may have to be with some HQs unlocking units as troops. Apparently. I'll probably get down to talking about the book itself later on though. So until Wednesday.

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