Friday, 1 November 2013

200th Post - New Project

I am a horrendous hobby butterfly. Unless I am working on a project I'm not happy, and so the cycle repeats itself, but with a little bit of a twist this time. I had originally hoped that this post would be about my first tournament win, but despite winning all 3 games in a one day event, including a horrific match up on an open board against Dark Eldar, I came 2nd to the TO. But never mind, it's only toy soldiers.

I already have 2 competitive armies. My Space Wolves could do with some updating with Drop Pods and such but I have my Chaos Marines ready to rock simultaneously. The plan here is to do a themed army.

This has been a struggle for me, obviously I don't want an army that's just going to get rolled every time but I don't want an army that's going to smash all of the time either. This isn't really too much of a concern given my faction choice, as they are renowned for being 'extreme'.

Dark Eldar have always had their place, they wipe you off the board, or you get wiped. Now this means that I don't imagine it as the most fun army in the game to play, a good, close, competitive game is something you're unlikely to get (as in, close). However, in this it is easy to find a medium so that I'm losing enough of the time so that it's not perceived as a proper, tournamenty list.

This is especially the case given that I have given the list a theme. I'm looking to go for a Drugs Cavalcade. The original plan was that I was going to have an army where every non vehicular model had combat drugs. Originally I planned to go for a Hellion build, but unfortunately Baron is not into that sort of thing, leaving me really with an Archon and Duke Sliscus.

Because the latter doesn't have a model, leaving me excellent conversion options, and because he gives the buff to drug picking, I decided to go for him, and in conjunction with his Kabalite special rules, I'm giving him a squad of Kabalite Warriors (the only guys in the army who are clean enough to protect the guy reliably) in a pimpmobile (Raider) to keep him secure in his little narcotics garden.

The problem I then encountered was Troops. The only Troops with Drugs are wyches. Wyches need a way of getting into combat. I need Transports, I need Venoms. Here, have 4. Hmm, for 10pts I can add a second Splinter Cannon, ok then. And so I have a crap load of anti-infantry. But it doesn't stop there, I'm looking into 2 squads of 15 Hellions obviously with the Grenades and with a Stun Claw as well.

Now, I don't actually have any anti tank really, and that's where this becomes less strong, but because of the theme I have no intention of changing that. I have Haywire Grenades on the wyches and that's about it. But anyway, it's half 2 again, I'd better stop before something bad happens.

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