Sunday, 24 November 2013

Epic Procrastination - Happy 2nd Birthday

2 Weeks ago this blog turned 2. Huzzah! 2 weeks ago it was also Blog Wars, which I didn't get an invite to again, which tells me something. This is still pokey little blog. But I don't mind that, less pressure. I'd hate to be stuck writing every day in fear of the demanding masses. Luckily, this seems extremely unlikely.

So what have I been doing? Well, I now have 3 Venoms pirched on my windowsill alongside a Ravager, and I still have 2 more unopened. Hopefully this project should be finished to spring on Caledonian in January, provided work lets me go. However I am working Christmas Day and New Years Eve so we'll see.

I have been getting back into gaming however. At the end of October I attended a 12 team doubles tournament with essentially my March GT Space Wolves list split into 2 with a Vendetta added and a pack of Long Fangs subtracted, giving the Wolves to one of my friends, who also played Wolves. Won our first game 20-0, with only a Centurion on 1 wound remaining, taking a Vendetta and the Guard blob. In the next game the Manticore went crazy and wrecked 3 vehicles and took the gun off a Vindicator with the first shot of the game. Our opponents called it turn 2.

However in our third game, we remained on table 2 (which was really sparce as far as terrain was concerned) against one of the lists most dreadful match ups, a Dark Eldar thing with Heldrakes allied. Yet somehow we still won that. I really didn't enjoy the game for reasons that I won't go into publically however let's just say that angry Leighton plays 3x better than regular Leighton and even twice as well as moderately tipsy Leighton. So we somehow won that game wither 16-4 or 17-3.

However, our closest rivals were on table one playing against a team that had already lost. They won 20-0 and took the tournament with us finishing 2nd, despite us winning all of our games comfortably. The winners were the TOs by the way. But that's ok, bar the last game it was a good laugh and I'm glad I went.

On Tuesday, I got Diarrhea, plus extras. Although according to the computer system at my local medical centre it could be Chlamydia, which seemed unlikely to me, so Diarrhea it is. This lead to me being bed/toilet ridden for a week, but I could still manage to clamber out of bed to play League (to my usual low standard) and Vassal.

I've played 3 games of Vassal, which I'm finding increasingly funny. First game I used Drop Wolves, against a 27 strong Terminator Army. It was allied to one of the Digital Codecies, allowing for re-rollable saves in close combat. It was Emperor's Will so when he positioned his objective in one corner I went for the other, as he had to protect it due to minimal troops, and it was a long walk.

He had a fantastic opportunity to snatch first blood when a pod scattered 11 inches towards the middle of the board. But instead of moving 6" and auto getting into it he stood still and went for a 10" charge on my Grey Hunters instead. Much to my relief. As it happened I killed all of his troops and held my objective anyway after killing a Terminator squad and his Warlord so I won 5-0 (never normally win on vassal, normally play 4x worse than regular Leighton).

Then I played against a Marine list with my Dark Eldar. Relic, football field. Shot some bikes, shot him whenever he came near to the Relic, although he killed all my venoms as he had a lot of individual missiles. In every combat squad they were, plus ridiculously accurate lascannons batteries (4 shots, every time, 3 pens and a glance). He conceded turn 4 or 5 though because I killed all his troops and had linebreaker to back up first blood. And his Warlord died.

Then I played against one of my mates. He came down in Drop Pods with his wolf list against 2 expensive Guard blobs, tried to knock one out which ones correct. Failed, and I wiped his Troops in a couple of turns. Emperor's Will, and I was always going to hold my objective even though he had first blood.

So, the procrastination. For the last week I've been trying to do some blog articles for my course, due in on Tuesday. So far, I've used illness as an excuse, but told myself I was definitely going to do them today. So I: Did some laundry, ironed some laundry, made a pitiful attempt at tidying my flat, went food shopping, bought another venom, went to KFC, watched Dr Who again, laughed at my mates who went to Qlimax, watched Match of the Day, played some League, and then did some It's now 2:00am. Great stuff.

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