Saturday, 2 November 2013

Intense Concentrations

Yes I am aware that terribly vague titles are indeed, well, terrible, and are something that I used to do back in the early days. But never-the-less, I can't think of a better name for this post.

Today has been really productive. I went and did some group work for University, then came back, played some Minecraft with my mates including standard Tom Leighton level dumbassery (letting the farm animals out, then egging the house for my mate being annoyed, allowing hordes of monsters to spawn on my island and solving the problem of Skeletons by diving into the deepest ocean I could find with all my stuff). Then I played a couple of games of 40k. To give some perspective here, these started in the middle of the afternoon and finished at 1:00am, and one isn't even finished.

The one that did finish was a brilliant game. Because it took forever. I was playing against a guy who is known on (check it out) as 'the voice' (I don't like to namedrop). But this was a fantastic game. In 4 hours of gameplay, we got through 2 turns. Obviously it was Vassal and we could take our time so we played the game properly, reading into rules confusions, and spending a huge amount of time thinking. The back and forth of the game was incredible and I was really pleased with how I came back from my last humiliating defeat.

I was pulling tricks that I wouldn't have even thought of a year ago. For starters I actually had a strategy in mind. However what cost me was tiredness and I lost the game 2-1 on secondaries.

The other game was the first with my new project. Good Lord are Dark Eldar a fun army. The main reason that I'm liking them from a gameplay perspective is that they are such an unforgiving army, especially in the guise in which I want to run them, and this excites me because I like a challenge. But this game is yet to be concluded. So I'll leave it for another time.

After that, I went on League, played a couple of ARAMs, ended up playing Sona twice, and because Supports are OP in ARAMs we won both games despite my mate's terrible internet. And that is all. Back tomorrow with hopefully a bit more useful 40k information.

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