Saturday, 23 March 2013

UK 40k GT game 1

Well today has not been particularly successful for me, but I'll go through the games that I played today anyway, as I learnt a lot from them. I feel I should prefix this by saying that all 3 of my opponents were really enjoyable to play against, really nice guys. Pictures will be coming later.

My first game was against the UK number one and the captain of the English ETC team, Mr Josh Roberts. He was running his famous wraithwing list: Destroyer Lord, 18 Wraiths, 3 Annihilation Barges, 3 Night Scythes with Warriors, and some Chaos allies with a Heldrake.

The mission was Hammer and Anvil, 5 objectives.

In pre game, the objectives ended up as in one in the middle and then the others to each of the corners. I got a couple of decent psychic powers, misfortune and enfeeble amongst them, but considering the amount of Line of Sight blocking terrain around nothing earth-shattering. He deployed right up to his deployment zone edge, and in response I sat a bit further back, forcing his Annihilation Barges to snap fire if they wanted to hit me.

In the first turn he moved up, I completely underestimated how effective the annihilation barges are even with the snap fire, as they multiply their hits by 3. He got first blood off a rhino (it was night fighting by the way) but other than that nothing notable.

My turn I dropped down with Jaws, I passed my psychic check on snake eyes, suffering perils, but it didn't fuss me because I had 2 Wraiths and his Warlord under there. He then proceeds to deny the witch. Crap.

The Battlelines are Drawn
The rest of my shooting proceeds to strip an Annihilation Barge down to a single hill point, where it remains for the rest of the game, despite my best efforts to finish the bugger off.

He then turns around with one of his wraith squads to come and deal with this squad of Grey Hunters that I've dropped in behind him, whilst pushing the others to the flanks to knock me off my objectives. 2 Night Scythes come in, and his wraiths take damage coming into the combat, this lasts until turn 4 when the Rune Priest and a grey hunter finish off the last one.

The Scythes prepare to Harvest the Living
In my turn 2 my blob gets going, killing his Warlord and a couple of wraiths. From here on in though, although it looks about even until about turn 4 where he directs all of his shooting into pasting my blob, we know that Josh is in control. He tables me turn 5 for a 15-1 victory. I'm happy I managed to scrounge a point off him though.

Josh ended up coming 2nd this year, make sure to check out the results post. 

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