Sunday, 24 March 2013

UK 40k GT game 2

My second game of the weekend was against a guy called James, who was running an Eldar/Dark Eldar mix. The mission being Dawn of War and Relic.

There is something about the Relic, me and tournaments. As in, every time I play the Relic at tournaments, I seem to draw the only Wraithguard army in the room, my opponent had 10 of them.

He also had the Baron, Eldrad and a Farseer, some Venoms, 2 Nightwings and a pair of dreaded Warp Hunters.

Luckily for me, I seized the initiative, meaning that I could take one of them out and claim first blood. I tried to drop my drop pod next to the relic, which was in a ruin, but I scattered next to the other Warp Hunter, and missed with the Meltagun.

The Warp Hunters in Peril and the Wraithguard advance on the Relic
The rest of the game was really just my blob moving slowly to the Relic, taking a few casualties on the way with his Wraithguard block doing the save, the 4+ cover save from the Baron/Warlock combo helping to offset the damage.

I picked up the Relic first, but heavy shooting pushed me off again, he then pulled off an interesting manoeuvre.

I spent the previous turn trying to get rid of a squad of jetbikes, with 2 left, he moved them up to the relic with his turbo to prevent me from picking it up, they weren't in front of it but they were preventing me from touching it without getting within 1" of them.

He then walked up with his Wraithguard, couldn't quite get to it with the rest of the squad but the Baron picked it up. The game ended turn 5 due to time but it ended with a massive combat in the centre of the board, as I tried to extract the Relic from him.

It failed, and I lost my second game 3-2. Still a lot better than I did the last time I played it, so I'm learning, but the game was really close and enjoyable and my opponent was a really nice guy.

James was also a player that finished in the top 10, coming 7th and finishing as the top Eldar player at the UK's most competitive tournament, so congratulations to him. 

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