Friday, 10 May 2013

Chaos Daemons Analysis - Chaos Furies

I'm kind of busy, and then I'm kind of not as well. I have quite a lot of articles to write for various blogs, some Chaos Marines to assemble, lots of stuff to paint, and an exam on Wednesday, although that one is rather easy. However that isn't really very much considering that I have nothing to 2 for the next week, so I'm assembling some Tau for a friend.

Today's post delves into Chaos Furies, possibly the worst unit in the last Chaos Daemons Codex. Equally, in the last Chaos Space Marines Codex, Spawn were the worst unit, but now they're fantastic, Heldrakes aside. So, have Furies followed in the footsteps of the Spawn? Or are they still a lame duck?
Going through the changes to Furies first of all. They have +1 Initiative, and -1 Toughness. So a little crappier. However, they have now had a 60% points decrease. So now 6pts per model. But, they have LD2.

They are without doubt a combat unit. However, when you do get into combat, you'd better be winning, because if you don't you're going to take a tonne of casualties from Daemonic Instability. This is why the statline change is enormous, because now you strike with your opponent so you get a load of attacks, but then they also wound you more easily.

So, load them up for combat, 20 Khornate Furies are just under 150pts, so they have Furious Charge. So, how does it stack up when charging a squad of 10 tactical marines?

Furie attacks. 40 at WS3, 20 hits, S5, so 13.3 wounds, 4.4 dead tactical marines. The tacticals strike simultaneously, 12 attacks including Sergeant with dual close combat weapons. 8 hits, 5.3 wounds, 3.5 dead furies.

Ok, so they would beat a squad of tactical marines, but not by much, and in the next turn they only get 20 attacks wounding on 4s, so they'd probably lose in the next round. Now, if they're struggling to bring down a squad of tactical marines, how are they going to fare against units that aren't quite so basic. Sure, you can put 60 on the board for 435pts, but what do they actually do? They don't really put out the damage, and considering what they're up against in the Fast Attack slot (Seekers, Flesh Hounds), I'm not sure how great they are. They're definately not as bad as they were in the last Codex, at least now they're usable, but they're not ground breaking and not really something that stands out.

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