Thursday, 23 May 2013

Word Bearer Progress the First

The word has spread a little since last post, however this will still only be a quick post, as it's not like I have as much to write about. I would have done more, but I spent the day looking at USB missile launchers, and it made me want to motorize my Manticore, I didn't do it of course, I'm a terrible electrician, but it's a cool idea.

So, what have I actually done.

Well, to start with I've actually got on with my Spawn. I have one that has been fully converted (nothing too extravegant, but it's got some 40k bits on it and looks a bit more Nurgley, hopefully this will be emphasised when fully painted) and I've started painting the exposed muscle on its legs and side, as can be seen here.

Spawn Starter
 I still have 5 more to actually convert, but I like to finish one before I move onto the others so that I have a template. I made sure that I used some stuff from the 40k basing kit just to make it clear that it's not a Dire Wolf, it's something from 40k.

Secondly, I've managed to get to a point where my army is almost complete, only 2 more models left to get. I have assembled another squad of Chaos Space Marines, making the Champion a bit more, Championlike this time.

Second Squad
 This means that I now only need to get a Lord and a Land Raider and the army will start hitting tables rather than Vassal. However, with Eldar coming out in a couple of weeks and me starting to contract square-baser temporarily, it could be a while. Hopefully not though.

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