Friday, 18 January 2013

Dark Angels Analysis - Deathwing Terminators

I hate snow. I really hate snow. It is thanks to snow, that I have not been able to get to my gaming club today, so I will go to Throne of Skulls on the back of 3 losses and a draw. It is also because of snow, that I am unlikely to actually arrive to Throne of Skulls tomorrow. I then go onto Facebook, to inform everyone of these reasons for me hating snow, to discover everyone goading me by asking for more snow.

You do not want it to snow anymore, you have enough snow to content yourself with, asking for any more snow is selfish. Think of your increased heating bills, and think of all the businesses that will lose custom because you want more snow.

I am a student, I have a very limited hobby budget compared to my usual unprotected wallet. And I have spent £60 on attending an event that I am unlikely to be able to attend because people want more snow. I am appalled. Ok it's not the snow lovers fault, but I'm disappointed with the weather and I'm feeling in the mood for a rant. So there you have it.

Anyway, Deathwing.

Going through the basics, 5 in a squad. Almost 45pts per model, so a little more spendy than the standard. 2 attacks base, Ld 9 etc etc. So what makes them worth this additional points increase.

Well first off they're the first unit that gets the new, 6th edition Split Fire rule. Not quite sure why, but then again I'm not sure why Long Fangs have fire control either so, swings and roundabouts.

The second of its new special rules is Vengeful Strike. In the turn that it arrives, all of its weapons are twin-linked. Nice.

This ties in with the 3rd rule. Deathwing assault. You can choose whether you want to arrive normally or use this. If you use this, your Deathwing automatically come in on either turn 1 or turn 2 (your choice). Again, very nice.

Finally, they also get the Inner Circle special rule. This means that they're Fearless and have Preferred Enemy Chaos Marines.

So for 4pts more than a Vanilla Terminator, you are getting to choose whether you want to choose when you arrive (for the mostpart), you can split fire, you are twin-linked on the turn that you arrive, you are Fearless, and you have Preferred Enemy Chaos Marines. Nice.

Coming onto the loadouts. I really wouldn't make these guys combat centric, the Deathwing Knights do this better, and when you give these guys Thunder Hammer Storm Shield loadouts they may as well be 50pts a pop. Their special rules are geared around dropping down, and knocking out squad with shooting, a bit like the Veterans.

The difference between these guys and the Veterans is that they're not quite a suicide squad. Their 2+ save, Fearless and Invulnerable make them much more difficult to shift, and unlike Veterans, they can still cause some real damage after the turn that they arrive. Yes, they lose twin-linked, but they can still fire their weapons and most of the guys in there have Power Fists. Which means that your opponent really has to deal with them.

For just under 500pts you can have a maxed size hammer unit with 2 Assault cannons dropping into your opponent's back line, mowing down 2 squad. But this is a bit expensive, and you can't guarantee that you're going to have line of sight to 2 squads.

A squad of 10 Veterans with a Drop Pod, 8 combi-plasmas and 2 Plasma guns will set you back 325pts. A squad of 5 Deathwing Terminators with an Assault cannon is almost 100pts less. So how do they stack up.

The Veterans fire at a tactical squad. You lose 1 model to 'Gets Hot', but score 13 hits, and kill 11 tactical marines. Before cover saves

The Deathwing Terminators. 8 Storm Bolter shots, 7 hits, 3.5 wounds, 1 dead marine. Assault Cannon, 4 hits, 2 wounds, 1 rend. 2 dead marines.

So the Veterans kill 11 and the Deathwing kill 3. Ok, so the alpha strike potential is much greater with the Veterans. But, the Deathwing are 100pts cheaper, and they are a threat that has to be dealt with, whereas with the Veterans you have 9 guys with Bolters in your lines, with Deathwing you have 5 Fearless Terminators with an Assault Cannon and Power Fists in your lines.

Really it's a case of personal preference. If you like alpha striking, go with the vets. But if you like sustained hitting power then go for the Terminators. If think I personally prefer the Deathwing, simply because 1 if you have a bad turn with your Veterans you're in some serious trouble, as you've paid a lot of points to do essentially nothing. But if the Terminators have a bad turn, they'll still soak a lot of fire, and they can still cause damage the turn after.

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