Monday, 21 January 2013

Throne of Skulls Stats

 Just a quick breakdown of the statistics from this weekend's Throne of Skulls today. No paragraphs of writing and nothing too chunky today, just pure statistics.

Total Attendees: 117

Armies played (ranked in order of number of people, from most to least):

Chaos Space Marines: 20

Space Marines: 19

Imperial Guard: 12

Necrons: 10

Grey Knights: 7

Space Wolves: 7

Dark Angels: 6

Orks: 6

Blood Angels: 5

Chaos Daemons: 5

Dark Eldar: 5

Tyranids: 5

Eldar: 4

Tau: 4

Sisters of Battle: 2

Black Templars: 0

Army ranking (the average score for each faction across the tournament, ranked from highest to lowest):

Chaos Daemons: 13pts

Orks: 11.6pts

Tyranids: 11.25pts

Tau: 11pts

Chaos Space Marines: 9.21pts

Necrons: 8.78pts

Grey Knights: 8.3pts

Dark Eldar: 8pts

Space Wolves: 8pts

Blood Angels: 6.5pts

Space Marines: 6.5pts

Imperial Guard: 6.18pts

Dark Angels: 5.2pts

Eldar: 5pts

Sisters of Battle: 5pts

Black Templars: N/A

Overall Winner: Chaos Space Marines

If there are any other stats that I've missed out that you'd like to know please drop them in the comments section and I'll edit them into this post.


  1. And they say the ork codex is old / dead...

    1. Indeed. The Ork Codex can definately still compete, no matter what people say. Orks can put out a huge number of shots which surprises people who just dismiss Ork shooting because they're BS2. Lootas, Dakkajets and Kannons are all examples of this. Fearless is massively better now too.