Wednesday, 16 January 2013

FAQ Rundown

I was going to do a post on Deathwing Terminators today, but then GW messed with me by releasing FAQs which made my post on Company Veterans void. I'll fix that as soon as possible. So today, instead I will be doing a run down of the biggest changes that this new batch of FAQs bring.

But quickly onto what I've done before we get underway. I've finished painting my Thunderwolf Cavalry, but as I'm participating in a video battle report on Friday I can't be bothered to take photos of them, you can see them on that. I'll probably post photos afterwards, I might even do it tomorrow if I'm in the mood (still a little 40k fatigued). I'm also half way through Ragnar, who I'm not enjoying painting. He's an old model and I can sympathise with that but because of this he's flat and there's not much detail. I've also started painting the Drop Pod.

Anyway. Onwards!

Starting with the big daddy rulebook. The first change being that now it actually tells you how to allocate Vector Strike wounds, which needed doing. Not much in terms of tactics in there apart from you could possibly take out a heavy weapon or something.

A few smaller ones including do you still get extra hits if you snap shot with Tesla. Of course.

Then you come to something a little bigger. Now you cannot allocate wounds to models which are not in range of any firing models in the shooting phase. So now you have to have at least 1 of your firing models in range of all of the models in your enemy's unit. This is something that definitely hits Flamers of Tzeentch (yes!), as they have a short range anyway before taking into account any scattering that they may do upon arrival.

Not going into too much detail as there's a lot to get through.

A ruling that probably surprised a lot of people including myself was the one referring to rending and vehicles. If you rend when rolling to penetrate a vehicle you do not count as AP2, meaning that you don't get a +1 on the damage chart. I'm not quite sure why but GW has spoken.

A couple of things about Flying Monstrous Creatures. They can't enter and exit airspace on the same turn, but they can vector strike each other. Cool.

Then you've got one that I've wanted answering for a while now. What comes first in a player turn, Blessings or Reserves? This has simply been answered with: You choose. This is fantastic. Not only does it mean that I now have extra time to remember to cast my Blessings, but now I can bless a unit that has just come on from reserve. Sweet.

You are also not allowed to use allied techmarines and such to repair your vehicles anymore.

I was surprised by the number of 'no duh' answers in this FAQ, but there are always a few.

There's nothing particularly interesting nor surprising in the Black Templars, Blood Angels or Chaos Daemons Codecies, apart from maybe that Dreadnoughts get hit on their rear armour when their Stormraven explodes.

There are quite a few interesting things in the Chaos FAQ however. Characters that turn into Daemon Princes lose their mark of Chaos, which was strange. And now Heldrakes Baleflamers operate as though they were a turret, which makes them infinitely better,

Abaddon can join friendly marked units, which we all knew was coming anyway. And the final word on the Scrolls of Magnus issue is that yes it does make you a psyker, giving you a Warp Charge point. A verdict which some members of our gaming group were extremely happy about.

Not much in the Dark Eldar Codex, but that's probably because I don't know what any of this funky named wargear does. Check out Perpetually Thwarted (left) for more on that.

Eldar. You now cannot cast psychic powers out of a Wave Serpent. Well balls. Just another reason to take Eldrad I guess, as he's very durable, and just another reason not to take a Wave Serpent. That said, don't underestimate Mechdar, it's still good.

Grey Knights now have access to Divination very cheaply on their inquisitors. Great...

With Necrons the issue was finally resolved as to what happens to infantry embarked on an exploding Night Scythe. i.e. They come on from reserves.

And the only changes for Wolves were just another nail in the Wolf Scouts coffin. You now cannot use behind enemy lines as an independent Character Transport system.

Sorry that this has been a bit brief, and sorry that this has not been particularly in depth, but I have another post to re-write later this evening. Until, well later on.

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