Friday, 11 October 2013

UK 40k GT Heat 2 - Report: Game 3

So, going into the final game of day 1, and I'm on the top tables, kicking it with 40k powerhouses such as Courtney Rhodes, James French and Rob Waller. Rob beat my friend (who's a much better player than me) that I came down with in the first round, and now I was in his crosshairs.

His list was a trio of riptides with SMS and one with Heavy Burst Cannon. Then he had a Wraithknights with 2 squads of Jetbikes, 3 of Kroot and a Batman Command Squad with the Commander, Marker Drones and some Crisis Suits. The mission was Scouring with Vanguard Strike. He chose to go second, and my strategy here was essentially to bully his Riptides with my Land Raiders.

I had the longer threat range, and so I could move 6", take some wounds with Lascannons, he backs off a little, repeat. This worked for a while, until about half way across the board he immobilised both of my Raiders. However despite this he'd come too close with his Wraithknight, so I jumped out with my Warlord with his Fleshbane weapon, and knocked him down to one wound, perfect as I would kill it next turn and my spawn would be free to jump his back line and there would be nowhere his bikes would be safe from the charge.

The Heldrakes came on turn 3, the Riptide with the burst cannon intercepted and although it tore off the Balflamer and Immobilised it, he also got hot twice, failed both the saves and took his last wound killing him. First Blood to me. The Heldrakes however did take a Shuriken up the bum in the next turn and died.

Essentially this game boiled down to 2 things. Him pushing on my deployment zone, and vice versa. The Cultists were absolutely heroic. Wiping away one squad of Kroot and although some Spawn doubled back for the second they weren't needed as th Cultists took them down. However the commander and the remaining Riptide started to push on the 4pt, I made a move with The Lord however when I only caused one wound leaving the Commander alive to hit and run the unit out the back and frazzle the Chaos Marines on the objective. But hey, I had to take a chance as he was going to shoot them to crap anyway.

Unfortunately, the push on his objective was not going so well. Despite knocking the Wraithknight down to a single wound in turn 3, it took until turn 6 to kill it even with a Black Mace in there. However that left it too late for the Spawn, whom he had killed and essentially ended my push on his backfield. So I stomped off after the last Riptide and punched it in the face. The Immobilised transportation system however tried it's best, shooting a Biker down but they passed their Morale check to keep the objective.

This essentially ended the game, with a comprehensive 9-0 victory to him ending 27-2. I wasn't to disappointed with that though, I felt I put up a good fight and had a couple of rolls gone my way (Wraithknight) it might have been a different game but I did feel that Rob deserved the win in the end, he was the better player. Still, I only need to win a single game tomorrow and I'm through already, can't complain.

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