Tuesday, 8 October 2013

UK 40k GT Heat 2 - Report: Game 2

Courtesy of the large win in the first game, I was now sitting on table 2, which at this stage in the tournament really doesn't mean too much. That said, my next game was against a Tau player. He was running an Ethereal, he had 2 squads of 10 Kroot, he had 2 squads of Broadsides with all of the Missiles. 2 Riptides with Fusion Blasters on one and one with SMS. He had 2 squads of 6 Pathfinders. Then he had Eldar allies, with 2 squads of Bikes and a Farseer on a Bike. Plus he had an Aegis Defence Line.

The Mission was the Relic with Dawn of War deployment.

He won the roll off and took first turn. However, we both set up our Aegis' essentially directly opposite each off as close to the relic as we could. He positioned his Ethereal in the central Broadside squad, which was flanked by Kroot and Pathfinders with more Broadsides with the Farseer on their left and the Riptides flanking those. The Bikes were obviously in Reserve.

I then slammed my Raiders behind the Aegis, with the Axe of Blind Fury one in a Land Raider as close to the Relic as I could get it whilst achieving this criteria. I then put the Spawn behind them.

He pushed up with his Riptides and attempted to kill the Land Raiders, but to no avail, and then boosted the one with the Fusion Blasters a little. With First Blood being far less important in this game, I took a chance at a 9" charge with Fleet, and the Spawn ran up ready to attempt the charge and tie up this most threatening of Riptides. In the meantime, the Axe of Blind Fury Lord's Land Raider boosted forwards right on-top of the Relic. I fail the charge however, and my Spawn pay the price in the next turn giving away First Blood.

I do feel that my opponent makes a crucial mistake however, in his attempt to get rid of the Spawn, he steps right up to the front of his Aegis which is a little out of his deployment zone, and although he gets First Blood, I can move the Land Raider on the Relic forwards, stay on top of it to prevent it from being picked up, and still be in range with my Dirge Casters. I therefore divulge my Lord and his friends into his Ethereal's squad, kill a few Drones and wound a Broadside and stay locked in. To add insult to injury I tie up the Fusion Riptide with my second squad of Spawn.

Well that Ethereal's probably dead.

I then feel that my opponent makes the problem worse in an attempt to relieve it, panicking a little. He throws the 2 squads of Kroot in, and although they kill about 4 Marines, thanks to knocking out a few Kroot with the Marines, and the Lord smashing 2 Broadsides and the Ethereal, he loses the combat by 6, a Primary point for losing the Ethereal, plus Slay the Warlord and all of his Kroot and the remainder of that Broadside squad run off the board.

I then saturate the board by making a move on the Relic. While he is forced to try to kill the Chaos Lord before I smash apart the rest of the Broadsides. He takes him down to one wound before I finally get in where I am punched in the face and killed by a Broadside. However, by this point it's too late, I get the Relic into a Land Raider, shoot the Riptide that isn't tied up in the face with Lascannons, taking it's last wounds, and drive off with it, leaving the game as a 29-2 victory to me. 59/60pts 1/3rd of the way in, I'll take that in this field.


  1. Hey bud. Good to meet you at the weekend!
    Enjoying the reports. 2/2 is a strong start!

  2. Indeed it was, we'll have to have a game at some point though. Forgot to ask where you were from. Congratulations though, 9th place is good.

  3. Thanks! Very happy with 8th overall, especially after a dodgy start. I live close to Worthing on the coast. You on Facebook?

    1. Ah 8th, even better lost my sheet. We stayed in Worthing actually, and if you just search Tom Leighton on Facebook that'll get me.