Saturday, 19 October 2013

UK 40k GT Heat 2 - Report: Game 5

Game 5 and I'm feeling pretty good. I'm confident against anything other than my horror match up in FMC Daemons in Kill Points, Hammer and Anvil. This is also exactly why I was pretty certain that my qualification would go down to the final game. As an FMC Daemons army arrives at the table.

All I can say for this is that it's a good job I'd brought a notepad in anticipation of Screamers, as my opponent had Fateweaver, a Lord of Change, a pair of Daemon Princes, 3 squads of Horrors, and that was pretty much it. However each Daemon had a load of psychic powers and gifts so they were all tooled out more than if 5 were taken.

Even though I was pretty certain I'd lost this game before any dice were even rolled, I wasn't going to just allow my army to get rolled over. I picked the deployment zone with the least LoS blocking terrain to give me a turn of shooting into the Daemons. I then huddled right at the back behind m Aegis so that my opponent would be charging at I1 through the cover, but left a little bit of space between the Raiders and the Aegis to allow me to jump out with the Marines and make use of that.

So I huddle backwards, which essentially delays First Blood until turn 4 really, his Daemon Princes get in and whilst one is whittled down to 2 wounds, it regains them back to 5 from 'It Will Not Die', and although I whittle it down again, the same thing happens. The Iron Armed one takes a beating though, it remained toughness 8 for most of the game until it was whittled down to 1 wound, only got T6 and was beaten up in close combat by Cultists.

Essentially it was horrendous. Game 6 the game ended, I only had the Cultists and a Heldrake left and he'd only lost a Daemon Prince, a Lord of Change and a squad of Horrors. So now it all comes down to the final game. Avoid defeat and I qualify.

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