Monday, 14 October 2013

UK 40k GT Heat 2 - Report: Game 4

So I come into day 2 only needing to win a game. The first game of the day being Emperor's Will with Vanguard Strike, and I was playing against a Necron player with Tau allies, who had won a 2 day event a couple of weeks back. He was running 3 Annihilation Barges, 2 Night Scythes with minimal Warriors and Crypteks with Haywire Staffs in. He had a Riptide, a Skyray, a tooled up Overlord and a load of Kroot with Snipers.

This isn't a bad match up for me at all. But despite this, I would have been happy with a draw, as it left me with only needing to avoid losing both of my remaining games to qualify. He picked the deployment zone behind an enormous hill, and he made me go first, Night Fighting was in effect.

Essentially this game can be summed up pretty quickly. Aggressive Raider and Defensive Raider. Let's start with the latter. Defensive Raider is parked behind my Aegis Defence Line next to my objective in the ruin. It spends the first turn pretty much doing nothing before blapping an Annihilation Barge with it's Lascannons in the next turn, whilst knocking the Quantum Shielding off another.

The Cultists come on, I wander onto my objective turn 5 and despite him trying to burn me off (more on how later), I pass my morale checks with my Marines and my Cultists just to make sure I stay on. The Lord did attempt a charge on the offending chump earlier, but failed and instead gave him a smack next turn from which he did not get back up. The game ends turn 6 and I hold my home objective. However, he does drop some Necron Warriors behind my Aegis for Linebreaker.

Aggressive Raider: Raider pours up, he drops pretty much all of his Troops behind me. The only quick way around the hill is past the Riptide and that'll just hold me up, so I went after his Troops as he'd Veiled his Warlord's Immortals and some Warriors had jumped out after the Raider. The Spawn went after the Warriors and the AoBF Lord's squad went after the Warlord.

The Spawn melted the Warriors, and the Lord's squad melted half of the Immortals, who ran off, leaving the Cryptek behind. However, both of the Crypteks got back up, hence the Veiltek diving over to my objective and attempting to burn me off later. However, my plan had backfired and now there were more scoring units than I'd started off facing.

I now had to charge the Riptide to get away from the MSS but mainly to try and push on his objective. I reduced it to 1 wound in the first round of combat but failed to do anything else to it or the commander it was with for the remainder of the game, as the MSS lord wandered over and killed everyone.

This left me with the Spawn. The original squad was reduced to a single guy on a single wound how was cut down. However the second squad managed to catch an Annihilation Barge off guard positioning them dangerously close to the Kroot on the objective with only the Kroot and a single Annihilation Barge able to get line of sight to them in cover. Despite the lack of firepower, and despite the cover save, he still somehow managed to reduce my Spawn down to a single guy on a single wound, who had to try to make the charge on the Kroot, made it, but a 4+ armour save couldn't save him as from my opponent's few attacks he scored 4 wounds even when needing 6s to wound. Essentially all I could do now was attempt to tank shock them but they passed their morale check and we drew the game.

So, I'm on 2 wins a draw and a loss. All I need to do now is avoid losing both of my remaining games to qualify. So I'm feeling pretty good. Then my 5th round opponent's army appears.

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