Sunday, 4 November 2012

Chaos Marine Analysis - Warp Talons

I'm going to close out the Fast Attack analysis today, and I'm going to do it with what is probably the easiest unit to describe. Warp Talons.

I really want to like the Warp Talons, I really do. But I don't. I love the models again, and I'm probably going to get some for my Word Bearers anyway though. My plan for them now is to make a 600pt brick of a competitive force to take to doubles tournament and then just fill in around that with cool units to make a 1,500pt list.

But back to business. Warp Talons are nearly double the cost of a Raptor. So what's the difference. Well, there's 2. The first is that they get a special rule called Warpflame Strike, meaning that they blind all units within 6” of their position. Now some have said that this is a useful ability. I don't really think it's very good. First off, in order to use this rule you have to deep strike, which you may not even want to do a lot of the time. Secondly, even if you do deep strike, you need to hope that you don't scatter whilst deep striking within 6” of an enemy unit. I think that it's very restrictive for not much benefit.

The second difference is that they come with dual Lightning Claws as basic. Which means that they're going to be absolutely brutal against standard marines. But at 30pts a model, you really should expect that. Upgrades.

There aren't many, so they are made for one purpose and one purpose only, to punch MEQs. They have absolutely no capacity to take out vehicles, and they don't really have enough attacks to deal with hordes either. They have the same statline as a Raptor.

Anyway, you can take up to 10 in a squad, upgrading from 5. I really wouldn't do this. They're expensive enough as it is, plus they'll do they're job well enough as it is, adding more is overkill. The Champion can also take Gift of Mutation. I'm just going to repeat my verdict on this from previous posts. Fun – yes, competitive – no.

Marks. They get even more expensive with the transition between Warp Talons and Raptors. I stand by my point with the Raptors, only here Slaanesh is individually the least expensive Mark in points terms, and it's probably the most useful too. Finally, Veterans of the Long War. I would consider this a must take on this unit, for 2 reasons. The first is that the Hatred allows them to do their job much better, but the main reason is again the leadership buff. For an expensive unit, their leadership is poor. 8, with the Champion being 9. I would say that 10pts for a 5 model unit is very much worth taking to help with this.

In short, my conclusion is that Warp Talons are tooled out and way more overcosted Raptors. A cool unit, but not great in rules terms.

So, to conclude the fast attack slots, how would I rank the units. Well starting from the top, with 1 being the best unit and 5 being the worst. Just a quick ranking. If you'd like detail on each of the other units, please take a look at my other Chaos Marine Analysis – Fast Attack posts.
  1. Chaos Spawn
  1. Chaos Bikers
  1. Heldrake
  1. Raptors
  1. Warp Talons
The next slot that I'm going to cover is the Heavy Support slot, make sure to look out for that tomorrow.

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