Saturday, 23 February 2013

Battlefield Birmingham Game 1

Right, I'm back at my flat now, so I can start updating these posts on my Battlefield Birmingham games to make them more comprehensive.

The first game that I played was against Ben Archer. He came with a Dark Angels Deathwing army, consisting of 2 Contemptor Dreadnoughts, 2 squads of Terminators, 5 Black Knights and a pair of tactical squads. I don't think that I've missed anything. The mission was multiple (3) objectives.

My list can be seen a couple of posts back.

He won the first turn and I set up in a position where I would either be out of range of the Assault Cannon Contemptor, or be getting a cover save against those rending hits. The exception being the Lone Wolves, who pushed a little further forward, hoping to move forward and create a zone where my opponent would be uncomfortably moving his Contemptors as they would get charged and locked down for the rest of the game. The Thunderwolves setting up opposite the Black Knights on my right flank.

I failed to sieze, and my opponent came in with both his Terminator squads, reducing the Manticore to 1 Hull point and mowing down the Lone Wolf opposite the Assault Cannon Contemptor. The Black Knights advanced and shot at the Thunderwolves, causing some damage.

My turn was when the game really started to become clear. My Drop Pod came in next to his left objective (as seen from my side of the table), about 10" away from the board edge, ready to blast Belial's Misfortuned squad with a tonne of shots, whilst the Lone Wolf advanced up to the objective ready to contest it. The Drop Pod then scattered 11" to the left, off the table. No matter, it probably won't die. Roll on the mishap table, 1. Oh dear. I'm now effectively playing this 200pts down. However, my Manticore's last act is to remove a Hull Point from the Assault Cannon Contempto, which left it weak enough for my Long Fangs to finish it off.

My Thunderwolf Cavalry charged his Terminators near the Black Knights, did absolutely nothing, and were killed, before the same squad shot a squad of Grey Hunters shuffling towards the objective, who promptly failed a morale check and ran 10" off the board. Fantastic.

Essentially, a lot of my stuff fell off the board edge during this game, and my opponent refused to fail saves even with Misfortune. Had the game ended turn 5, I would have shuffled a draw from it, as my Lone Wolf was sat on his objective slowly squashing tactical marines, whilst my Guardsmen were holding up his last Black Knight just far enough away from my objective. However, it didn't end, and it ended 9-3 to my opponent, meaning a 30-1 loss to me.

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