Saturday, 23 February 2013

Battlefield Birmingham Game 3

My third game was my first against a top level tournament player at a tournament. I was playing against Nathan, the current UK number 8 (as this goes out) and English ETC player. He was bringing a Dark Eldar army with Eldar allies. I won't go into his list too much as he's an ETC player, but if you want to hear about it make sure to check out the 40kUK podcast, either tomorrow's episode or the one next week, but check them both out anyway because I did an interview for one of them for the War Stories segment. But what I will say, is that his list pumped out more shots than I've ever seen packed into a list.

The only way I stood even the slightest chance of getting anything from this was if I got first turn, and if it wasn't night fighting. Unfortunately, it was night fighting, and Nathan got the first turn. I tried to castle up behind a temple of skulls to minimise casualties, with the only exception really being the Thunderwolf cavalry who set up on the other side of my deployment zone.

The mission was Emperor's will with Dawn of War. The reason for my Thunderwolves being there was to move around and try and hit his objective with the Thundercav and the Drop Pod to try and cause enough of a distraction to force him to split his shooting. Additionally, I have more of a chance of holding onto 2 objectives than I do 1.

That didn't work. In turn 1 he shut down all of my long range firepower, killing my Manticore and both of my Long Fang packs, bar 1 missile launcher. For the rest of the game he then proceeded to sit at the edge of his range and just pump shots into me. The War Walkers and a couple of Venoms then turned around and wiped the Thunderwolf Cavalry and the Grey Hunters, although not before the Wracks, Haemonculous (Warlord) and the Farseer were killed, a Lone Wolf and the Warlord were also able to catch a couple of Venoms and bring them down, whilst some Grey Hunters cut down a squad of Trueborn and their Venom.

That didn't matter though as I was tabled turn 5. 30-0 to Nathan. It was a good game though, he just had too many shots for my saves too handle and was too fast for the terrain to block line of sight. For the full breakdown though, check out the 40kUk Battlefield Birmingham episode.

I think that's me done for the day. For the full reports of games 4 and 5, make sure to come back tomorrow.

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