Sunday, 24 February 2013

Battlefield Birmingham Game 5

In my final game, I played another top level UK tournament player. Currently ranked 3rd in the UK according to RankingsHQ, and the best Tyranid player in the country, I was playing Chris 'papa' Dickinson.

He had a bit of a different Tyranid list, it was kind of like a multiple threat army, with Flyrants, Trygons, Ymgarl Genestealer squads, another Genestealer squad, etc. The mission was also Kill Points with corner deployment.

I got the first turn, but he seized, with his Warlord Flyrant in reserve with the Ymgarls and a Trygon. His other Trygon came forward, and was shot up by Long Fangs before a Lone Wolf finished it off. My Drop Pod came on, Jaws the Tervigon but it passed it's Intiative check.

The problem here really was that he had so many close combat units coming at me that my Lone Wolves couldn't tie them all up. They managed to kill the Mycetic Spore of the Doom, the Doom itself, a Trygon a pack of Ymgarl Genestealers and his Warlord after it was downed by my Warlord's Bolt Pistol. The problem was that a lot of those units, like the Doom, had already got through and done damage to my more vulnerable units like the Veterans, although by the end they didn't give up a kill point.

Additionally, a Genestealer squad and a Ymgarl pack got through, and although both were damaged, only 2 Ymgarls remaining, I couldn't get the kill points from them. The game ended 14-7 to Chris, who was an extremely strong opponent. He was very precise and calculating about his game and so I really struggled against a much stronger opponent.

But hey, it was my first big independant GT and considering how I played 2 top 10 players and how my dice crapped themselves in the first game I'm pleased with 2 wins and 3 losses, and I learnt a lot. I've got a couple of ideas for changes to my list, but I think I'll wait for the new Daemon book. I'll also try and change up the 1,500pt version of the list first I think.

Thanks to all of the organisers at Battlefield Birmingham for putting on a fantastic event. I'm definately going to attend the next one if I can. The venue was good, the atmosphere was really friendly and the terrain was superb. I'd definately recommend it.

The top 3 for the event were as follows:

1. Adam 'Princess' Ryland - Chaos Daemons
2. Matt Robertson - Chaos Space Marines
3. Rob Sims - Grey Knights

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