Saturday, 23 February 2013

Battlefield Birmingham Game 2

Ok, game 2 was against another guy called Ben. This time the mission being 5 objective Big Guns Never Tire with corner deployment. He was running Chaos Space Marines, which are already a very good match up for my army. But he was running a Nurgle army, with Daemon allies. So he had a Lord, 3 big squads of Plague Marines with Rhinos and 3 squads of Nurgle Obliterators. For his Daemons he then had Epidemius and 15 Plaguebearers.

The game started well with me winning first turn. I deployed around some ruins in my corner, with a couple of Grey Hunter squads on each side to move and take objectives. He deployed around his ruins, but not in them as much, He had one squad of Obliterators in them whilst the Lord's Rhino and another squad were on his left of it and 2 Rhinos and the final squad on the right.

He didn't cease, which was good, and so my Manticore went a bit wild, killing 1 Rhino and reducing another to a single Hull Point, to be picked off by Long Fangs. Other than that the Lone Wolves and Thunderwolf Cavalry moved forward. The Drop Pod came down, blocking line of sight to and from his Obliterators in the ruin, and wrecked the remaining Rhino.

What I was testing in this game was to see whether I would be able to smash apart one of his flanks, namely, his right on (from his perspective) with the 2 squads of Plague Marines and the Obliterators, as this would severely reduce the effectiveness of the tally.

The Grey Hunters coming out of the Drop Pod suffered severe casualties in his turn, as the Lord's squad and the 2 squads of Obliterators opened up on them with twin-linked Plasma guns. Epidemius also came down in difficult terrain, with 1 Plaguebearer dying to dangerous terrain.

In the second turn, my Thunderwolves charged into a squad of Plague Marines that had been weakend by a pack of Long Fangs, whilst a Lone Wolf got into the other pack. Both spent a while plugging away at them until they both died, although the Lone Wolf ended up on 1 wound and the Thundercav came out with just the Power Fist remaining.

The destruction of the Grey Hunter drop pod squad really helped him to get his tally up, but what really won me the game was the fact that he couldn't get it up to 20, as it was stuck at 18 for a few turns. 3+ feel no pain really helped to keep him alive, but it also meant that he wasn't doing any damage. The Manticore was fantastic this game though, as the ability to cancel out their feel no pain and treat them as ordinary marines was priceless.

Because he couldn't cause me too much damage in combat I could basically pin him in the ruins by the end of the game. There were a couple of Obliterators wandering around and his Chaos Lord charged one of my Grey Hunter squads, but didn't get close enough to contest my objective, and was tied up by my Wolf Guard in a challenge.

Had the game ended turn 5 then I would have won 25-5 on secondaries, but it carried on to turn 6, allowing my Lone Wolves to bring down one Obliterator contesting an objective in the centre, and then I managed to kill 1 from a 2 man squad with my Long Fangs (they were both wounded) and the remaining one ran off the board.

The game ended turn 6 and I won 14-4 on victory points, 30-1 on tournament points. Another really enjoyable game though and the points don't really reflect how equal the game was, as it was really close until about turn 6, although I was on top on the amount of army left on the board, it just shows how, if you go for the objectives, you can still pull something out of it.

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