Thursday, 21 February 2013

Dark Angels Analysis - Interrogator Chaplain

Only one post today I'm afraid, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get one up tomorrow, as I'm making the journey to Birmingham for Battlefield Birmingham this weekend, I should keep the blog update with live happenings from the tournament over the weekend though. As for today, I played my last couple of practice games. Albeit both at 1,500pts which didn't give me chance to practice with my Thunderwolf Cavalry, which I could really use. But I was able to use the Grey Hunters quite well, it's been pointed out that I don't really do anything with them and I think that this is a good call. Even during non-objective games I tended to put them at the back of the board and fire off the odd bolt shot. However, I was able to use them to good effect today.

On topic however, the Interrogator Chaplain.

This will be a much shorter post as I still have some painting to do for tomorrow, but I'll try to go in depth. The Interrogator Chaplain is a bit like a cross between the Chaplain and the Company Master, he has the decent beatstick capabilities of the Company Master, and the buffing capabilities of the Chaplain.

For beatsick, he comes with a Company Master's statline, with 1 less Weapon Skill, he comes standard with the Crozius and preferred enemy, he also has access to Terminator armour which gives you the durability that you really need in a beatstick.

As for the Chaplain side, he comes with Hatred, and all of the other Chaplain goodness just with the additional hitting power of the Company Commander.

The problem that I have with this is that he's 20pts more expensive than the base cost of Chaplains and Company Masters. But, if you want to buff one of your close combat units with Hatred why not just take a normal Chaplain? He gives you the same for cheaper. If you want a semi-beatstick, why not go for the Company Master? He does it for cheaper. Therefore, although the Interrogator is good all-round he doesn't really specialise in anything, meaning that there is always a better option.

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